Leon Russell musical guest on SNL tonight

I’m getting a nostalgia high already. Bangladesh album side 4 (I think)

I thought that Elton John was going to be both host and musical guest tonight…

Elton is host, they’re apparently playing together as musical guests. (having recently made that duet album).

My personal favorite recording of Jumpin’ Jack Flash, for what it’s worth.

Worth a lot. That version puts every other one to shame.

I agree. This is the definitive cover of Jumpin’ Jack Flash:
a couple of numbers from Leon

Leon in '64 (with a pomopadour!) as teen idol.

I am 40 years younger now. Look out world, I will conquer you again!
Baaa-aa-aa-aa-aaaa-beeeeeee…what is you’ve got that i want?
The transition in out of Youngblood, the scat singing, the ultimate band, and the incomparable Leon Russell. Who was that guy on the TV with him tonight?

Thanks for the link longhair75!

Leon Russel does a better Gandalf than Sir Ian.

you are welcome

A couple of years back , they re-issued a special edition CD/DVD box set of George Harrison’s “Concert For Bangladesh” that features outtakes from backstage, a few bonus songs recorded at the early afternoon show (Bob Dylan playing Love Minus Zero/No Limit) as well as the entire uncut evening performance from Madison Square Garden, including of course Leon Russell’s great reworking of the Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Youngblood medley. For fans of the concert album, it is well worth the $$$ to check this out, and I think that part of the profit still goes to Red Cross or another similar relief organization…

As far as Saturday Night Live went, well I am sure there have been worse episodes of SNL in it’s 30+ history, but I’ll be mollyfocked if I can think of one.

Yes, yes I get it—Elton John is gay. Maybe extra gay. Maybe even gay enough to run for congress as a Republican Conservative Christian from Wyoming. But did EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. SO-CALLED “JOKE” have to re-enforce that idea that he is a screaming, mincing, nelly old queen, a prissy English cocksucker whose deviant sexuality and flamboyance solely define his entire person?

Weekend Update, once the highlight of almost every SNL, is now nearly unwatchable, and the various sketches that they insist on revisiting week after week (KY Jelly Sports Presents, Lawrence Welk) are some of the worst that they have.

Smug, self congratulatory, lazy, trite…

yeah, I sure got tired of the gay schtick too, after a promising start to the show.

I have lost my lp copy of the Concert for Bangladesh. couldn’t find on itunes. am I just being imcompetent or is it really not available anywhere for download?