Lesbians, have you ever used a beard?

For those not aware of it, a beard is (used to be?) a term used for someone of the opposite sex who is used to give the impression that a lesbian or gay is hetro.

I ask the question because my wife and I were just invited to a wedding between an old lesbian friend of mine and her SO. My wife asked me how I had known her, and I told her I had been her beard for quite a while.

I had just rather publicly broken up from a long-time relationship and a young woman. And this friend of mine, a PE teacher, asked if she could give the impression we were seeing each other on the sly. She said the school board was asking questions about her not being seen with guys as much as girls and were beginning to question her fitness as a coach and PE teacher(it was a small town, what can I say?). I said, “sure”. My reputation did some interesting turns especially the one or two times when she had dates over.

I was a beard one other time, when an exhusband was trying to cause some major problems for another friend of mine by circulating unnecessary information about my friend. This was in a large city, however. I just had to go to a number of parties and official functions with her.

What I am asking is twofold. 1. In today’s world is it still necessary to have beards? 2. If you use or have used a beard, how did you choose him? (extension of my wife’s question about me)

I’m bi, so I haven’t needed a beard, but I just wanted to toss in that I have been one for more than one of my gay friends in the not so distant past. Usually with their parents or coworkers. It’s unfortunate that it’s still something that does need to be done sometimes.