Less than an hour into being thirty-four and so far:

The good:

A husband who is truly my favorite person in the entire world

One beautiful and healthy daughter about to turn seventeen months old

Real money in the bank

A decent paying, very easy and rather enjoyable part-time job

The bad:

More than a little too much around the middle and the buttocks

I want a second child but my husband doesn’t

The writing/publishing career that hasn’t really gone anywhere yet

And you . . . ?

Ahhhhhhh, 34. A wonderful age. All is good and proper in life. It’s a sexy year. It’s a year of wonderful things. You’re so good looking. The perfect year!

Don’t believe me - just wait until you’re 57 and see how much you’d pay to be 34 again.

I’m 2 months and 7 days into being 34 … 1970 RULES!!! :slight_smile:

Happy b/day lavenderlemon.

The good:
I have a wonderful man in my life - I thank my lucky stars that we found each other and our love gets stronger & deeper every day.

My job is going better and I finally feel comfortable in my role at work.

My family is happy and healthy and I’m mending my somewhat rocky relationships with all of them.

The bad:
I’m not in the physical or mental shape that I would like for myself. I’m finding it hard to get motivated to treat myself better.

I would like to get married and have a baby in the near future, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not sure if/when those things will happen.

I need to realize that I’m a “grown-up” and take better care with my/our finances.

Overall, the ‘good’ outweighs the ‘bad’ by far, and hopefully the good things will enable me to find the strength to change what I can and accept what I can’t about the bad stuff.

I join the 34 club in less than two months. I’m not looking forward to it, because 33 wasn’t so hot.

The good:

  • Job is better than ever.
  • I own a home.
  • I have a great hobby that I now get paid to do, and it kicks ass.
  • My other hobby (writing) is now starting to pay off too.

The bad:

  • Although there are many advantages to living here, it’s a bit boring.
  • The reason it’s boring is because very few interesting people live here.
  • I’m all alone in the world, mostly. I’m not close with my family, and my friends are now all scattered to the wind. I’d be in trouble if I got sick or needed a lift somewhere.
  • I’m another one that can’t seem to get motivated to take better care of myself.

Well I’m not 34, but here’s my good and bad list…


Great job, great pay
Self-esteem is in good condition
Great, loving caring husband
Nice stable living situation, and a happy one at that
Financial situation is finally stabilizing
Three of the most wonderful kids in the world.


Husband lives in Egypt.
Kids (first marriage) live on the other side of the state.
Go to bed lonely each night.
My stupid car needs to be replaced.

Bittersweet: For the first time in her life, my baby (3 years old) cried because she wanted to be with someone - she’s never shown any real anxiety over being separated from either me or her father. Sunday, when I took them back home after spending the weekend with me, she cried her poor little heart out and said she wanted me. It broke my heart, and yet made me feel so loved.

OK I’m gonna go whimper some. :wink:

My son did this to me this morning as I left for work, not as extreme as your case, and I’ll see him in eight hours, but it still makes me sad to have to go. He’s only 16months, and loves to cling to me (and me only, often shunning mother and Waipoh (gandmother) so we can run around the house together).

It broke my heart to have to leave with him sobbing for daddy. I hate being a grown up, i wanna stay home and play with li’l KidDanger!

oh, and I’m 27days into being 32.

The Good
The wife is still the angel I fell in love with and married. I love her so sigh
Job is good (although this morning is becoming a bit nurky)
Today is comic book day
My cartooning (outside of work) is beginning to actually go somewhere and be appreciated by people who kinda, sorta matter.
And we’re maybe going for kid #2! (wife wants a girl, I don’t mind).
I have good friends and sweet colleagues, and a rockin’ boss.
The SDMB is full of the nicest folks
The Bad
People are still whinging about the movies I love.
I miss my family and friends (most of whom are an ocean and a continent away!)
I’ve been gone for too long (almost nine years now, with only short trips home)
They cut our salaries across the board last year!
…and I’ve not had a pay increase since 2000.
Comics might be delayed cos of that holiday in the US.
The SDMB is full of the nicest folks, but I’ve never met any of them!

So the good outweighs the bad, how can I possibly complain! (but I’d still rather be a stay-home dad, if only MrsDanger earned enough for me to be the domestic dude sigh (she has said many times she couldn’t stay home all the time, even her confinement after giving birth drove her cwazy!).