Let know me why office 7

is evils and possibly borg and why I should take i this cool (if it’s got books it’s cool
and learn office very quickly and love the borg.

If borg, tell me. I need the job.


Are you referring to Office 2007?

Hmmm . . . A question about the word processing systems used by a fictional alien civilization. Could be IMHO; could be CS; but MPSIMS is probably best for garnering appropriately droll responses.

Moving from GQ to MPSIMS

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Totally borg. Go for it!

wait … borg is good, right?

Bork bork bork.

Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.


Or, you excel at providing access, but the outlook remains bleak.

And you will not be able to find a power point to recharge your batteries after that Entourage distracted you all day long.

Entourage is the Office email app for Macs

But seriously, learn Office 2007. You’ve probably only got six months before the next version comes out.