Let me explain the SHARE part in timeshare, brother

When you were bid baptize the multitudes in the name of God the father God the son and God the holy ghost, I think they had something different in mind. Correct me if I’m wrong, 'cuz I’m not part of this Christian thing myself, but when i ask myself “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO”, I just can’t come up with any scenario by which the dude would plug the drains in the bathtub, sink, and shower (looks like you tried to block the toilet with paper towels too) and turn the water on to run as you finished up your time slot at the condo.

Asshole, people below you in that line for the five floors below you, that’s five units, got flooded as the little junior-high short-attention-span low-forehead exploit you enacted caused water to saturate through floor after floor.

Who did you have it in for? I’ll tell you who is cleaning up after you and making right with the other condo shareholder groups: my 72 year old Dad and Mom, who agreed to head up the condo-share association this year. This happens to be the year of their 50th wedding anniversary and they are gearing up to do a round-the-world cruise before they get too old to enjoy it. But for the last few and next few weekends they are ripping up ruined carpet, pulling up warped floorboards, and shopping for building supplies in the August heat on Hilton Head island. And they are laying out the expenditures from their own pockets to get (hopefully) reimbursed later because otherwise the red tape would take too long.

And you are one of the couples who are part of their time-share assocation group. Which is all Baptist-Church fellowship members.

My Mom and Dad represent to me the best of what orthodox-mainstream Biblical Christianity can be about. I may never see eye to eye with them theologically but they are putting in sweat (lots of it, lots and lots of it) and time and energy so that some other participants don’t have to do without their weeks at Hilton Head. And so that other folks in the building don’t harbor ill will towards the Baptist timeshare group that has that particular suite.

Wanna know what YOU represent? You need rebaptising. Let me hold your head under the water and your sins will be washed away…

Hadn’t you heard that baptising some folks numerous times doesn’t do any good. Only once is what they need so long as you keep them under.

I can’t remember when or where I first heard that one.

Till the bubbles quit comin’ up.

Sometimes I can almost understand that people flip out and shoot holes into speed cameras, or strangle the barking dog next door, or even totally lose the plot and chop down innocent trees that offend their sensibilities.

But for the life of me, I cannot even begin to fathom the mindset of your folks’ co-sharers.

Maybe karma would be a rapidly fulminating bowel-cancer that stops up all THEIR exit points, leaving the shit to seep out through their pores and nostrils. Yeah, that’ll do it!!


Maybe it was their kid(s) did this? “forgot something” as the family were about to drive off, ran back inside for a minute and set all that in motion?

I don’t understand the scenario. Either the people who did this were people who were booked in (in which case have they been arrested yet and if not why not?) or they were outsiders, in which case they may not have the religion you think they do. Or are we missing something?

They are part owners of the individual unit that they trashed, or else they traded for it (they own some other unit for a week somewhere else, put their week on the market and traded for 2nd week July @ Hilton Head).

The building in its entirety would probably go after them for damages but I’d imagine it would be “sue”, not “arrest”.

If they traded for the week/location, they may not be Baptists (might not be anyway), but I believe the entire year’s block of timeshares was originally purchased by a social group that was within the denomination, and they have their own internal publications listing availabilities and opportunities. Not that someone couldn’t have put it on eBay instead.