Let me see if I have this straight?

  1. Some Wall Street jagoffs told the man to get off their backs
  2. President numbnuts and his numbnut brigade said okay, because the Wall Street jagoffs give them money unlike brown people who only give them nightmares
  3. The jagoffs fucked up and lost everybody’s money at the track
  4. Now the Jagoffs have come up with a brilliant plan where we give them a big fat blank check that probably won’t do anything but is a symbolic gesture they need to get their confidence back
  5. When we don’t give it to them right away they flip the fuck out and tell us the world is over if they don’t get it soon
  6. Meanwhile President numbnuts took out six mortgages on the country with a loan shark from Chinatown so his books are all fucked up too
  7. ???
  8. Profit?

Not quite.

  1. Congress will fall for it & give the Treasury Secretary lots of money, kickbacks from which which will be disbursed among outgoing administration officials (& key Congressmen hired to lie to other Congressmen).
  2. This expenditure will cause the government’s discretionary budget to be destroyed for the next four years.
  3. Wall Street will demand that we do it again next year, since they’re all clogged up with “illiquid assets” again.
  4. Congress will agree. This becomes a regular entitlement.
  5. Which expense ensures a depression & continues to worsen it. Deflationary spiral ensues.
  6. And Congress is assured that the only way out is to give Wall Street even more trillions of dollars.
  7. Former members of the Bush administration are supported in billions per year, through kickbacks from Wall Street bailout money borrowed from wherever the government can get it (finally they themselves), in a deflated economy.
  8. Finally, they are rich enough to buy & sell the United States in entirety.

Geez dude. Of course it will do something and it is IMPORTANT!

It’ll give the guys who lost all the money at the track their money back. No reason they should be made to suffer because some stupid nag tripped on the last turn.

Yeah…not even Pit funny (because it hits too close to the truth). Anyone else get the impression that the “urgency” over getting the bailout through is actually more about the urgency that they will lose an election in a few weeks and they need to get the last cookie out of the cookie jar before they leave?

Tell me it is not just me who sees that…

Do you think I am joking at all?

It’s a mad scramble for cash from a kleptocracy. I’m focused on my own representatives right now, but anyone who passes any recognizable form of this is on my shitstorm list until they beg to be literally crucified to stop the pain.

This is a bunch of people who think they can strip assets from us like Marcos stripped the Philippines.

As for what they deserve, I’m leaning toward ovens, but guillotines are classic. Crucifixion?

I suspect if Shodan roams by here he will ask for the Comfy Chair! :eek:

His fellow Repugs deserve no less…

Me…I want the polar opposite of that for the Repugs.

… cleaning urinals in Calcutta?