Let me understand something about posting in the Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share Forum

In this closed thread it is noted by Twickster that posting mundane pointless items in the Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share Forum without some degree of contextual introduction is bad form and apparently I have some ‘splainin’ to do before post there. I suppose my assumption is/was that for amusing or interesting (to me) links simply making people aware of their mundane, pointless existence is the obvious point of the post, and further elaboration beyond the header titles and links is really not all that necessary in some cases.

If you want more more extensive elaboration on the who, what, where why and how re the point of a inherently pointless post in a forum dedicated to pointless then good on you, but the the non-elaborated MPSIMS posts are intended as small gestures toward the existence of a thing, not an explantion.

I think what she’s saying is that you just can’t throw various stuff in there without contexting it to something . . . even an explanation like you just gave, I would think that would be sufficient.

It can be mundane, it can be pointless – though sometimes it can be profound, that’s the secret surprise of that forum too, no? – but it can’t just be totally formless random stuff without some little bit of anchor. It doesn’t have to be a lot but it does need to be something. You’re not just throwing stuff into the void.

I have, on occasion, fallen foul of the ‘just too pointless’ rule. I think that for this, Mods should step back, and let natural selection take its course. If the thread is too pointless to have a life, it will wither and die. If other posters feel they can run with it, they will. That sort of thread can, and has, developed into a funny, surreal ramble, giving pleasure to the teeming millions.

Either way, no kittens get crushed, no-one gets hurt.

I agree with NineToTheSky. If you’re going to have a chit-chat forum, might as well leave people alone to chit-chat.

Not the issue here. astro’s OP had three links and no text, and we ask that people write at least a few words about what they’re linking to. It’s common courtesy and it helps people decide whether or not they want to view the video (although in this case the thread title gave details). It’s the same reason we ask for descriptive thread titles. twickster said she would reopen the thread if astro sent her a little text to go in the OP.

What TubaDiva and Marley said – I didn’t have a problem with the topic or the links (which you’ll note I left intact), but people need to say *something *about what they’re posting. “Can you believe this shit?” would have been enough, I’m not asking for War and Peace here.

I don’t think, “Can you believe this shit?” should be enough.

How is that any different than just a link, exactly?

It doesn’t tell anyone what the link is to, how the OP feels about it, or give any context whatsoever. Three things I think most people would appreciate. (Yes, even in a forum that begins with the words Mundane and Pointless.)

I was totally, 100% with the mods right up until this sentence, please explain!

I don’t think that’s quite enough, but take it as a figure of speech if you like. “Can you believe this shit?” at least gives you some idea what the OP thinks about the thing he’s posted.

FWIW I agree with closing threads with just a link. They’re beyond pointless and are just annoying.

Sorry, yes, I was exaggerating for humorous effect, which turned out to be a bad idea, as it usually does. Sigh.

What I should have said:

An OP should have a couple of sentences in addition to any links. The point of MPSIMS is to have conversations about various and assorted subjects, and it behooves someone who’s proposing a topic to actually start the conversational ball rolling by saying something about the topic. The text in an OP doesn’t need to be long or complicated, but it should provide some idea about why the person providing the links thinks they’re worth bringing to our attention. That reason may boil down to “can you believe this shit,” but whatever the reason is, it should be presented in somewhat more detail than a thread title and link tags provide.

Yes, I can see that you could think that. But the OP presumably thinks there is a point to it, and maybe he is just being cryptic, thereby inviting us to use our imaginations and powers of deduction. Or something.

Like I said, you don’t know where something is going to go until you set it free. If it seems pointless, just ignore it. I know I did with Astro’s. But the three links do have something in common, and, on their own, could be enough to provoke responses, IMO.

And if he’d written so much as a sentence or two, we’d know if he wanted you to use your imaginations or powers of deduction, and you wouldn’t have to guess if maybe that was his intent. We’re not asking for the moon here. It’s fine if you post something that requires concentration, but don’t just post a video without comment. This isn’t a YouTube page.

Fair enough.