Let not Porky's Passing be Unmourned

Gordon Lee who played Porky in the Little Rascals died.

I loved Porky {and his partrner Buckwheat} as a kid. Even though I never understood a single word he said, he gave me some great memories.

Remembering one: He and Buckwheat want to join Alfalfa’s detective agency. While following some “suspects” they wind up in a carnival spook house which scares them … Some un-PC parts, not for everyone, but kind of funny

Another great Porky episode w. pic.

Not too many of Our Gang of Rascals left – Robert Blake maybe. But Buckwheat, Butch & Spanky relatively recently – Alfalfa is long gone, now Porky. Don’t know about Darla – but they are all almost gone now

Darla works 53rd St.


Yayyyyyy! I get to be the first person to mention the movie Porky’s!

Okay, never mind.

Wasn’t Porky, being the littlest Little Rascal, the one who actually said “O-tay!”, not Buckwheat?

What more can be said, except: uba-dee-uba-dee-uba-dee-that’s all folks!

Yep. However, I believe in one short, Buckwheat does say “O-tee Do-tee” for “Okey Dokey.”

I don’t normally believe in curses or anything but the “Our Gang Curse” is freakin me out. They all just keep dying.

Um, deevee, you do realize that they stopped making the Our Gang series 61 years ago? And it was 83 years ago when the first ones were made? I don’t think a curse is needed to explain the deaths of the cast.

Butch died toward the end of September.

You know, if we don’t get rid of this curse, it’ll get all of us.

OMG!!! Darla’s gone too! The curse is getting them all!

The whooshing in this thread is making me gasp for breath.

Keep gasping. It wards off the curse.

First Porky, then Porkins. :sniff: :frowning: Looks like God is truly bringing Home the bacon…