Let us all cross fingers for the voyage of the Beagle 2! Mars landing on the 25th!


(Crosses fingers in both hands)

If I believed in Santa, I would have made a letter wishing only this for X-mas, and then finding life on Mars. But, it all depends on a successful landing.

It bites that the Japanese mission to Mars, was recently aborted due to an electrical failure:

Good luck Europe!

crosses his fingers

If for no other reason than the ability to yell out “The Beagle has landed!” :slight_smile:

Tried to cross even my toes!
You know, when you take into account all the failures to get to mars, it was really amazing that both Viking missions arrived safely in the last century!

From the ESA site:

Well, as far as we know it should be on Mars now. We’ll hopefully be getting a signal in about two hours to indicate a successful landing.

Thank you Yumblie for reminding me.

Here is the latest update:


Another link - go, Beagle 2!! Intelligent life on any planet is at an all-time low, help us…and Merry X-Mas.

Come on Beagle2, talk to us!

Beagle2 not talking yet.

I know those guys who run these things are smart bastards. Lets hope they figure out what’s going on soon.

Still no signal. :frowning:

@##@ lump of coal!


Ok, this year was truly awful for space exploration; there is still some hope for the probe, but fading fast.

I hope that next year, in a few days, the Athena rovers will have the luck of the Vikings:


Despite the fact the Beagle2 is still MIA, at least the Mars Express orbiter made it just fine. From looking at the specs , it has most of the mission payload.

Congrats, European Space Agency!