Let's all go shopping at Home Depot!


You know, I always suspected their prices were a bit too hiiiigh

Hmmm… Home de Pot?

Damn, I’ve spent a lot at the Tewksbury Home Depot and never found a thing. Maybe this is why my wife spends so much time shopping there.

I was actually tossing around “Home Dope-o”

You know how you see some news stories and you think “please don’t be from my state, please don’t be from my state…”? This one I can live with.

And the article reads like a story problem from 8th grade math class.

So, how much does 1 kilogram of cocaine cost? Show your work.

I don’t know if they’ve got drugs in the merchandise in the Waldorf, MD HD, but they definitely don’t have very motivated employees. The store is always a wreck, it’s hard to find help, and more often than not, the only way to check out is the do-it-yourself lanes.

Maybe all the employees found the stashes and are out back partying??

I like looking at this from the other side.

How are the smugglers feeling right now? They just lost $300,000 to idiocy.

All I can imagine is a feeling like you get at the end of Ocean’s Eleven.

You mean rushing to the urinal to empty your bladder?

I was so close! So, so close! See, I live in Massachusetts, I spend half my life at Home Depot, and I was very recently in the market for a vanity. And believe me, if I had hit the jackpot, I would have remembered you all.

So let’s see…

$145,000 / 50 lbs mary jane = $2,900/lb

40 lbs MJ x $2,900 = $116,000

$250,000 - $116,000 = $29,000

$29,000 / 3 kg cocaine = ~$9,667/kg! Damn. I need to get into that business.

I was wondering how long it would take for one of the Teeming Millions to rise to the challenge.

Unfortunately, that’s wrong. Can anybody see where Demo made his mistake? Anybody?

Aww crap, I wasn’t looking at the problem and transposed numbers.

It SHOULD be $250,000 - $116,000 = $134,000

$134,000 / 3kg = $44,666

Which makes the business even better. I’m quitting my job now.

I will stay after school and clean erasers. :frowning:

Yeah, it’s 2 50-lb bags. So, M = $145000/100lbs = $1450 per pound. 40*M = $58000. $25000 - $58000 = $192000. C = $192000/3kg = $64,000 per kilo. What a difference.

raises snotty brown-noser arm and waves it wildly

Ooh! ooh! They found** 2** 50 pound bricks valued at $145,000 total.

So 100 pounds of marijuanna = 145,000
1 pound of marijuana = $1450

40 pounds of marijuana = 40 X 1450 = $58,000

250,000 - 58,000 = $192,000 for 3 kilograms of cocaine.

192,000/3 = $64,000 per kilo of cocaine.

(Can that be fuckin’ right? Oh, my god am I dealing in the wrong (legal) herbals!)

sticks out her tongue at The Controvert.

Show off. That’s what I get for checking my work. Twice.


A gold star for The Controvert. (and, on preview, WhyNot)

Turned out to be a decent problem. Math teachers, feel free to use this.

Wait a minute – I thought “street value” was calculated using the lowest possible salable quantity for the greatest amount. That would give us $64 grams and $90 ounces. Seems low for street value, unless we’re talking 1972 prices.

This might just be actual value of the listed quantities.

At least I tried god dammit, at least I did that.

/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Maybe they were contracted to build a brick shithouse.

Is partial credit given?

Is the grading done on a curve?

IMO, if you used a calculator, you cheated… :stuck_out_tongue:

Dayum–I have spent most of the past month in HD-but in kitchens, alas.