Let's Ban The Troll!

It has brought to my attention repeatedly that I am a troll. The person who has labeled me thus has refused to say WHY I am a troll.
The definition of “troll” is needed, therefor, so that I might make corrections in my behavior. If it is found that I am such a troll that I shouldn’t be here, I will apologize and leave.
That last bit wasn’t sarcasm. I am a man of honor, and have always kept my word.

I say Contestant#3 is the one to be booted. He’s as annoying as ARG220. Maybe more.

Hey troll,

I posted a perfect example of your trollish behavior in the “Lynn the censor” thread at 3:15…

For anyone else that’s interested, you can find more examples of Slythe’s trolling in the “UFOs and SETH part II” thread in Great Debates. Start at the beginning and follow through and you’ll see where I was engaged (although outnumbered greatly) in a discussion in which information and ideas were being tossed about and look carefully for the FIRST instance of someone stepping in with insults and trolling…yep, Slythe again…


How about the Aztec Sun Calendar thread. I’m tooling along, having a discussion with E1Skeptic (previously, I traded e-mails with ChrisCTP concerning instructions on how to listen to AB via the internet) and I get flamed by nayran…I responded in a very constrained manner and low and behold, Slythe jumps in out of the blue and cranks up the acrimony! yep, par for the course.

I’m telling you folks, he follows me around this board and attempts to sabatoge ANY reasonable and polite discussion I’m having!!

Big Iron has a done it to me a few times as well, but Slythe is be more frequent offender.

Yes, Slythe has pissed me off, and when I’m pissed, I can push his buttons back and cut him to the quick…problem is, he then cries and runs to mommy to get my posts deleted. Where I come from his behavior is that of a stalking troll and a punk.

More examples? Just ask…

Contestant #3

Now, now kiddies… no booting or banning should be necessary. Whether or not you’ve been nice before, just try to be nice now.

I understand the Pit is for flaming, venting, ranting and raving, but maybe the best thing to do is refer to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Pretty much everyone has had valid things to say at one point or another, just cuz you don’t agree with someone (now and then, more often than not, ever) doesn’t mean it’s ok to go around verbally beating each other up. Connie, Slythe, though I’m mostly amused by your bickering, is it really necessary? What are the two of you hoping to accomplish? Both of you know that the other one isn’t going to let up and admit defeat. Though you’re both here entirely by your own choice, it’s somewhat like going to work everyday. There’s bound to be that co-worker who grates on your nerves, but you have to tolerate them. Anyway, in 20 years, nobody’s going to care. I doubt that either of you will be sitting on your front porch swing, whittling wood and telling your grandkids stories about the “trolling weasel” who used to torment you back in your day. Just be nice. Or be silent. Or be brief. But be “nice”.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Nicely put, Chris. You say that no one will care in 20 years… may I offer the amendment that no one will care in 20 days?

The BBQ PIT is indeed a place for flaming, and Lynn allows far more here than would be allowed in COMMENTS ABOUT THE MAILBAG, for instance. However, as I have commented elsewhere, there is a difference between “flaming” and “cussing.” Flaming is the fine art of insult; cussing is simple vulgarity, and the Boss thinks it’s coarse.

The Moderators have discussed this, at length, amongst themselves, and were all agreed that, although the line may be fuzzy, it’s there, and the situation has gone way beyond reasonable. Thus, Lynn’s actions were not hers alone, but based on a group decision.

For anyone who is unhappy with it, there are plenty of un-moderated boards out there, where you might be happier. This is a moderated board, and that means the READER’s standards apply. Finis.

Why ignore Slythe’s trolling?

Don’t you think that hurts your credibility when you single me out amongst multiple offenders?

I do.

Contestant #3

For what it’s worth – I posted a definition of “Troll[ing]” over in “Lynn the Censor.” As Slythe seems to indicate, Connie hasn’t a clue what trolling is.


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

Actually Chris, i dont care right now. Both are just online personalities, and have no bearing in my real life. I do see your point, and both should play nice. I tend to dislike connie because he seems to have a bone to pick with those who criticize or confront him.

Actually, I don’t support banning people. It is very useful to have people like Contestant #3 be able to fully speak their mind. Time and time again, his vituperative messages serve little purpose except to spout unprovable and obviously bogus accusations against people who dare to point out that his misinformed opinions are indeed misinformed. Now, when I read a post from him, I can know that it will be utterly unrelated to the topic at hand, and I can duly ignore it, other than to give it a passing scan and chuckle at its juvenile rantings. Unless we give people like Contestant #3 the ability to speak his mind, how can we identify the incorrigibly ignorant among us.

Jason R Remy

“One pill makes you taller, and one pill makes you small, but the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all”
– Jefferson Airplane * White Rabbit * (Slick, G. 1966)

Gee Jason how do I go about becoming as intelligent, articulate, and successful as you?

Contestant #3

I would be very disappointed if Contestant #3, ARG220, or slythe decided to leave this board.

This place would not be the same without them.

¾È ³ç, ÁÖ µ¿ ÀÏ

Beer, I don’t disagree… I’m disappointed when anyone decides to leave the boards. But there is a standard of behaviour, and people who don’t want to stick to that standards will probably be happier on un-moderated boards. Fact of life (FOL).

The moderators do not want to ban anyone; we hope that the threat will be sufficient to encourage people at the end of the bell-curve of behaviour to move a little more mainstream and stay within the limits. The threat is not an empty one, but we really would prefer not to have to carry it out.

CDbaby wrote:

“The moderators do not want to ban anyone”

Maybe so, but they seem to get their jollies in deleting all traces of a member rather than to take the 2 minutes it would take to delete one or two offending posts. It’s either laziness, abuse of power, or both.

Contestant #3

Those postings I made over on the Aztec topic, on second thought, were an over-reaction on my part. Deleting them might be a good idea.