Let's bracket and seed my playlist - ala Sweet 16 style.

Ah, the best of both worlds, sport and music.
In each of the four brackets you must pick a winner between the two challengers and then seed 4 of your favorite songs from 1-4 (your 4 favorite, or the 4 you think will advance furthest). The rest will get ignored and I’ll reassemble the bracket into a Sweet 16 and we’ll vote again until we get to the final four and eventually a winner.

I think I have a varied selection of songs that most people will have heard. Nothing too obscure or too new, some sleepers and some giants. Yet I wanted to keep it interesting yet not too mainstream. So bear with me.

Here goes;

Bracket 1

A Def Leppard, - Foolin
B Styx, - Crystal Ball

C Metallica, - Seek and Destroy
D Metallica, - One

E Foo Fighters, - Monkey Wrench
F A Perfect Circle, - Weak and Powerless

G Bush, - Testosterone
H Audioslave, - Cochise

I Twisted Sister, - I Wanna Rock
J Quiet Riot, - Come on Feel the Noise

K Seven Dust, - Black
L Stone Temple Pilots, - Dead and Bloated

M Puddle of Mudd, - Drift and Die
N 3 Doors Down, - When I’m gone

Bracket 2

A Led Zepellin, - Going to California
B Led Zepellin, - Stairway to Heaven

C Foghat, - Slowride
D Edgar Winter, - Frankenstein

E Grand Funk Railroad, - We’re an America Band
F War, - Low Rider

G Hendrix, - Purple Haze
H Hendrix, - Watchtower

I Beatles, - Something in the way she moves
J Wings, - Band on the Run

K Moody Blues, - Knights in White Satin
L Blues Image, - Ride Captain Ride

M Badfinger, - Day After Day
N Clapton, - Cocaine

O Stones, - Beast of Burden
P Emerson Lake and Palmer, - Lucky Man

Q Blackfoot, - Train, Train
R ELO, - Evil Woman

S Procol Harum, - Whiter Shade of Pale
T Allman Brothers, - Midnight Rider

Do not vote yet, brackets three and four in the next post along with further instructions.

Bracket 3

A Thompson Twins, - Hold Me Now
B Mr. Mister, - Kyrie

C Jars of Clay, - Lift Me Up
D The Cars, - Drive

E Simple Minds, - Alive and Kicking
F Stray Cats, - Rock This Town

G The Hollies, - Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress
H Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, - Louisianna Saturday Night

I Gerry Rafferty, - Right Down the Line
J Patti Labelle, - Lady Marmalade

Bracket 4

A Otis Redding, - Higher and Higher
B Four Seasons, - Oh What a Night

C The Spinners, - Could It Be I’m Falling In Love
D The Spinners, - Rubberband Man

E Dave Mason, - We Just Disagree
F Seals and Croft, - Summer Breeze

G Arrested Development, - Tennessee
H George Clinton, - Atomic Dog

I Cypress Hill, - Insane in the Brane
J Snow, - Informer

Ok, so just select the winner from each pairing and then rank your top four in each bracket


B - 1
E - 4
K - 2
N - 3

Do that for each bracket and then I’ll take the combination of seedings and selections and organise a Sweet Sixteen bracket (prolly on Sunday) and get ready to vote again next week.

Sorry for any spelling errors, or mistakes. Feel free to comment on selections.

This took me a while to type so please vote, and if you do, come back next week to help finish the thing off,


Uncommon Sense

I Twisted Sister, - I Wanna Rock
J Quiet Riot, - Come on Feel the Noise

I’m stymied already because I simply cannot choose between these two brilliant pieces. I’m dead serious.

These are all great selections and very well-matched.

You must try!

For my metal health’s sake.

Problem is, I only recognize 56% of the songs! Being that they jump all over the chronological and style map, I would guess I’m not alone.


I figured seasoned musical aficionados would’ve heard most of them.

New rule, if you don’t know all the songs, just vote on the pairings you recognise. (or fake it)

Ok, I’ll start (hope I did this right):

Bracket 1
A - 3
C - 4
I - 1
L - 2

Bracket 2
B - 4
H - 3
O - 1
T - 2

Bracket 3
A - 3
D - 4
F - 2
G - 1

Bracket 4
B - 2
F - 3
H - 1
I - 4

BTW any reason why Bracket 2 has 10 pairings, Bracket 1 has 7 pairings, and 3 & 4 only have 5 each?

In my opinion Bracket 2 was stacked with songs that would trounce the other brackets.

(*'s indicate wins but no brackets)

I must say you have some good taste in 70’s light pop! Now if you only included Escape, American Dream, and Things We Do for Love we’d have the best 70’s or 70’s-flavored soft rock list EVAR.

First of all, thanks for participating. And;
Those songs came up randomly (I picked, like the first 100 songs after shuffling the deck) and I still sorted some of those out to get what’s in the OP(s). Then I tried to sort them into brackets that made some sense. I didn’t want Metallica going up against Patti Labelle right off the get-go.
The number of songs in each bracket wont matter since I had you seed them 1-4. In reality, only four songs from each bracket make it out. This is all preliminary work here, but necessary.

This is what I’m here to find out. You may or may not be right.

Thanks, are you missing some? Seems your quote was clipped…

The “matches” that I clipped I hadn’t heard both songs. Although to be fair to myself I did know 34 out of 52 songs (and perhaps had heard others but didn’t recognize the title), but many of the pairings I only knew one of the two.