Let's cool off with a caption contest

Here’s the appropriately chilly picture.

“Let’s get mom to sit on it and melt it or we’re not getting any salad until next week!”

Tomorrow’s menu at the Swine & Slaw Cafe.

Wow, thanks for the anniversary gift, Babe. What a nice chunk of ice. And 18 karats!

This beats the hell outta the blue ice that usually falls from planes!

I tell you, I’ve lost 50 pounds on this ice and frozen carrot diet.

I’m not gonna try it. You try it.

I’ve heard of salad bars, but this is ridiculous.

Gosh, if we had thumbs we could use the microwave to thaw our lunch!

Did you bring the ice pick? I asked.
“Oh yes, Dear” you said, “I remembered the ice pick.”

I really don’t think you’ve got the hang of snowmen…

Sit on that? I’d rather get a carrot stuffed up my butt.

Nothing here… maybe it opens over on the other side.

I like this one. I think it’d be even better with “if we had a microwave.” to complete the ham and eggs parallel.

Apologies for the double post.

“The Bastards! This is polyester resin!”

Hey! This isn’t what we ordered for lunch! We wanted cold cuts!