Let's do this criminal thing "out in the desert"

Just make sure your victim doesn’t have gallstones or false teeth.

Mmm, mmm, good

Even when a body isn’t found, the long arm of the law may catch up with you, eventually.

I’m a little surprised this case made the national news, but I’m glad it did.

I lived in San Luis Obispo County when Ms. Smart disappeared. I worked for the courts, so we paid particular attention to progress – or lack of same – on this case. Turns out Ms. Smart was the first disappearance/murder of 3 college students occurring close in time. Even though we eventually learned Ms. Smart’s disappearance was unrelated to the other two (which were related), the entire community was terrorized and traumatized by them.

From the beginning, Mr. Flores was the prime suspect. Law enforcement never gave up on nailing him for the crime. Looks like they finally have enough evidence to charge him – even if they never locate the body. I’ll be very interested to learn what evidence they located in the search of the suspect’s father’s home.

In my experience, you know who gets away with murder? It’s not the people who try to get rid of the body. It’s those who manage to successfully make the murder look like an accident, or manage to leave no trace of themselves at the scene of the crime. They leave the body where it falls.

I can think of 3 such cases in my career with the court. In 2 instances, there was simply no evidence that led to a suspect. In 1 instance, law enforcement had a prime suspect, but they had no proof the death was anything other than an accident.

Tell me, though. Have you ever heard of 2 dogs pulling their owner over a cliff, bringing about their own deaths as well?

Me, either.