Let's get it right: The Title of Chris Rock's play is The Mother F**cker With the Hat"

It is not “The Motherfucker with the Hat.” It is most certainly not “The MF with the Hat” or “The Mother with the Hat.”

Exhibit A: Playbill cover

I can understand not saying it right, but I don’t see anything wrong with writing “Motherf**cker”

First, you misspelled it: it says Motherfker not Motherfcker on the cover.

And why assume Playbill is the authoritative source? Maybe the title is The Motherfucker With the Hat and Playbill censored it for their cover.

Hard to tell. Wiki says it’s Motherfucker, sometimes censored as Motherfker, but the official website not only has “the MF with the hat” as the URL, but also uses Motherfker everywhere, even in the copyright notice.

Personally, I’d say it doesn’t matter. Motherfker, Motherfucker, MF, MFer, mother f’in’, whatever. How would you even pronounce Motherfker anyway?

I enjoyed writing the above post far too much.

Motherfasterisker? That sounds even worse than motherfucker.

When Chris Rock says the name of his play aloud, does he say “motherfucker,” or does he say “mother fff ker?”

I’m guessing the former, which makes it the name of the play.

Maybe it’s pronounced “The MotherBLEEPer With the Hat” like that Shatner sitcom does with however it was they wrote out the censored version of shit.

Playbill isn’t authoritative. That’s just artwork. The name of the play is “The Motherfucker with the Hat.” They sure as hell don’t censor the word during the play, and it happens to be very good. It sounds like some people think the name is actually hurting their ability to market the show, which sucks because the title is outstanding and definitely made me more interested in the play.