Let's give it up for the Birthday Boy!!

Hey all.
Let’s give a big Happy Birthday to our resident Prestigious Pigskin Prognosticator.

It’s Gazoo’s birthday and he’ll golf and fish if he wants to…
Happy Day buddy!!!

Bring on the Walleyes and the lost golf balls!!!

Happy Gazoo Day!

Happy Birthday Gazoo!

Have a couple Points and enjoy your day.

Although if you’re drinking Point, I’m not sure how your day will go…

Bon Anniversaire!

Happy Birthday Gazoo… hope you take the day off and go fishing. :slight_smile:

You say it’s your birthday, well it’s my birthday too! :smiley:


Happy Birthday, Gazoo!! :slight_smile:

Thanks all!!

Sledman - actually, “It’s my birthday and I’ll take the day off and sleep 'til 10:15 if I want to!” The fishing and golfing will have to wait until the weekend.

TroubleAgain - hmm, I kinda like the sound of that, but I prefer that day to be opening day of the NFL regular season.

Bottle of Smoke - there will not be any Point Beer drinking involved tonight. Although, in honor of birthday #33 I may have to have a Rolling Rock.

Simetra - Thanks, actually I have to get all the poles set up and get a fishing license yet. The walleyes, alas, have one more day of safe swimming.

Montfort - Happy Birthday right back at you. I’ll raise a toast to you sometime this evening you Iggle-lover you.

Chique - Thanks babe. Boat drinks for all!!