Let's increase NSA traffic....

We had a problem with bugs. In the yard. It was right by a favorite shrub of mine. So I went to Agway and got one of those spray thingys. It worked great… except the bug BOMB also KILLed my favorite BUSH.

I thought EVERYONE HERE WOULD DIE laughing when we saw your post!

Lookin for trouble, aren’t you?

Um, anything I can think of would send up too many red flags right now. My dad might wanna play this game, but I fear typos would submarine his attempts to effectively do so.

The Mods are likely to NUKE this Thread, faster than you can type “Zionist”. ;j

My new appliance was built to withstand a BOMB. By far the best WASHING machine I’ve ever owned. It does a TON of laundry, and even runs on alternating current or DC!


I understand the humor intended for this, but let’s not press our luck.