Let's Misbehave, and see De-Lovely on July 2?

Any New Yorkers want to head to the new Cole Porter flick on Friday the 2nd after work? Anyone know where and when it’s playing?

Or Philly Dopers, for that matter – I’m pretty sure it will be either at “The” Ritz or the Bourse Ritz.

Eve, honey, were it a week later, I’d so be there…

I’d be up for that. I’m sure either the Empire or the E Walk will have it.

I saw an ad for that last night, but the television sound was muted so I couldn’t get much detail. Does it look like it will be good?

I am eager to see this as well! I’ll catch it here in the DC metro area.
Does anyone know who is singing I Hate Men?

I linked to the IMDb page over in the Musical Lovers thread – sorry, I don’t know what they did with the settings on my work machine, but I can’t do links from here.

Thanks for the link info! I bopped over there and discovered that they are not including *I Hate Men * in the score. Oh well. I am still eager to see the film!

I would be so there if I were anywhere near New York. I will be seeing it in San Francisco, though. This is the #1 film on my summer movie list (even higher than Spider-Man 2). I saw the trailer months ago and have been excited to see the movie ever since.

Eve – I don’t know New York very well, but Fandango is selling advanced tickets for July 2 shows at Loews Lincoln Square and Loews Village VII.

By the way, TCM is showing the Cole Porter "bio"pic (the quotes are necessary) Night and Day Thursday night at 8:00.

Y’all want to wait till the week of July 5 to see the new one? I imagine a lot of you are going away the weekend of the 4th.

I’ve always considered that title to be the hypothetical answer to the hypothetical question, “What is the difference between this movie and the truth?”

No gay man had ever been portrayed straighter until Troy came along…

But doesnt it count when the actor playing him was purported to be gay? Or at least bi?

I was refering to Cary Grant of course… :smack:

Quelle bummer! DE-LOVELY is only playing in two theatres in the entire Chicago metro area, both in heavily gay neighborhoods down town. In the suburbs: nada.

I guess it’s not possible to want to see a Cole Porter bio or hear Cole Porter songs unless you’re gay?

Damn. If that’s the way they’re releasing it, and you want to see it, I suggest you go now – it may not still be playing in a week or two. I think this is the equivalent of releasing directly to video/DVD.

Oh, dear—reviews of De-Lovely have been De-Awful.

Saw Night and Day last night and nearly injured myself laughing. There were enough people “in the know” who inserted some glancing double-entendres into the script, I was glad to see . . .

I’ve debated going to see it - I have trouble seeing Kevin Kline in the role. Kevin Spacey, maybe, but not Kevin Kline. I’m not too crazy about some of the choices for the musical performers, either. Besides, how can you have a movie about Cole Porter and NOT figure out a way to have Bobby Short appear?


It’s playing at the main indie venue in Philly, and I’m going Sunday. Bad reviews? LA-LA-LA-LA-LA…

It should have starred Nathan Lane and Christine Baranski. Cole Porter was a self-conscious little froglike fellow, and his wife a brittle, middle-aged socialite.

Well, he was frog-like until they cut his legs off -

Hey, frog legs! I love them…they taste just like chicken.

They only cut one leg off. Making him, of course, “Halvsie, the One-Legged Composer.”