Let's Play Fictional Family Feud!

It’s easy. Just choose two fictional families that would make interesting contestants on the game show.

I’m gonna go with the Montagues and the Capulets .

Hatfields and McCoys


The Corleones and the Sopranos.

The Osbornes vs. the Osmands

I’d watch that!

The (Pat) Robertson’s vs. the O’Hares

Roe vs. Wade

“good answer… good answer…”

The Nixons vs. the Kennedys

Oh, you mean * fictional* families. I get it now. This would be me in a real family feud situation:

Q: “Name a yellow fruit.”
A: “An Orange!!”

The Addams Family and The Munsters

The Bauers vs. The Bristows

Since you need five on a side, the Bauers get George Mason and Nina, the Bauers get Arvin Sloane and Vaughn.

The Family from Seventh Heaven vs. The Family from Eight is Enough

The Brady Bunch vs. The Partridge Family

The Bunkers vs. The Bundys

Leatherface’s family vs. the Cenobites (okay, so techinally they aren’t a family, so what!)

Atreides vs. Harkonnans

The Coneheads vs. The Solomons

The Skywalkers vs. the Skywalkers.

Pinhead hits buzzer

Pinhead: I will eat your soul!

Richard Dawson: I’m sorry, that’s not on the board. Leatherface?

Leatherface revs chainsaw


Richard Dawson: That’s correct, a chainsaw revving is the number one answer!

The Bagginses vs. the Sackville-Bagginses.

“Name a Ring of Power”

Simpsons VS Flanders…es

Weasleys VS Malfoys