Let's pray for peace

Instead of filling the atmosphere with fear and hatred, let us pray for peace in the world and especially in the hot spots - such as the middle east.
It can be prayer in the sense of verbal pleas, but also visualizing the inhabitants living in peace and harmony.
This is something all of us can do.

I’ve been praying for a piece for a long time. It hasn’t done any good.

Hey, I’d settle for peace on the freeway!

Religious witnessing and the like belong in Great Debates.

Be seeing you.

Just wonder who I should pray to as I don’t hold out much hope of any of them doing anything. It’s up to us and I don’t hold out much hope there either. Best I can do is treat my neighbour with respect, which includes respecting those who think that praying changes things!

First, try visualizing another person surrounded by affection and love, and send the wish for that person to be happy and relaxed. Try it. You will find it will heal many of your relationships.
Then try sending healing thoughts and love to larger groups.
Best wishes,

Count me in. I’m constantly praying for our world and right now especially Israel.

berdollos - Blessings to you :slight_smile:

This idea sure makes God seem awfully stubborn. People have been praying for peace for years, yet God apparently has ignored their requests. Why should he listen now? Is he waiting until he receives a certain number of requests? Does he have a heavenly toteboard and he’s waiting until he gets 75 billion prayer requests before he steps in and does something?

Prayer just makes the powerless feel powerful. It makes you feel like you’ve done something to fix the problem when you’ve done nothing.

What abut the “Days of Rage” of the Palestinians.

I studied with spiritual groups on Cyprus, which spread love throughout the island and prevented much killing from taking place after the Turkish occupation of the north.

You may not believe it, but its true.

As far a God goes, he wants us to love others in
deed, thought and emotion.

Do not give way to fear and hatred. Love is the path of huuman evolution.

We have billions of Christians, whom Christ instructed, “Love your neightbor as yourself” and “Love your enemy”
Many of us don’t even love our friends.
Giving up ahead of time is not the best approach.
Cynicism leads to non-action.

I, for one, am not a cynic and not sharing your belief in a god or the power of prayer as an agent change does not make me one.

I’d rather face the truth than be comforted. If we make it through the horrors we create it will be down to some very dubious compromises which is how it has always been. There is no evidence pointing to any significant change in human behaviour over time.

As an individual the best that I can do is to understand myself, my drives & emotions, and take responsibility for my actions. That is how the world becomes a better place.

Ahhhh - no, it doesn’t make me feel powerful, on my own merit at least. God is the one with the power and he asks those who believe to pray. If you don’t believe then don’t pray, no one is asking you too. But putting down someone who is praying for peace in a terrible situation definately isn’t going to help. God is all knowing and whenever he decides to bring peace he will bring it. It is not up to us to decide when that will be. He’s got a plan and has had one since the very beginning. And until he takes me to be with him I will continue to pray and watch what he will do, in his own time.

So, then if I feel like fighting I’d better just go out and do it, then? After all, when it’s time for peace God will bring it. I don’t have to do anything, and if I fight now, that’s God’s will anyway.

These statements prove my point. It’s not up to us, God will do what he wants to do in his own time. So why bother praying? By this logic, God has a plan and you’re not going to change his mind. The only way praying for peace will bring peace is if the combatants do it; ie, lay down their arms and pray instead of killing each other. Then there’ll be peace, however briefly.

Mighty Maximino - you have free will to do whatever you want, but that’s not saying what you do is in God’s will. Prayer is an act of faith in believing God will act when the time is right. If you feel you can go out and change what the future will be and bring peace in your own way, well then go right ahead and do it :smiley:

God gave us free will, that being said, prayer helps some of us.

I’ve been praying for years. How do we know it hasn’t prevented even WORSE from happening? Like say a nuclear war might have taken place?

I have nightmares all the time about nuclear war. Don’t laugh. I’m serious. A week ago I had a dream about the US and some other country having this high tech air battle right here in Pittsburgh-and I could see it from my house, and I was so scared. Then I wake up and feel better, but it’s so depressing.

Everytime I read about missile defense, or whatever, it makes me want to cry. Why do we have to destroy each other?

I honestly don’t know, but terrorist organizations only make the threat of nuclear devastation that much more real to me. (At least when the hypothetical attacker was another nation, you had the fear of an equivalent counterattack as a kind of flimsy safeguard.)

Makes me want to move far away, to a cozy spot no one gives a shit about.

Yeah, I used to live there. Actually, that is where I learned to pray.

I am glad that you are motivated toward prayer if it is because of love for your fellow man. I agree that prayer is better than nothing. However, I ask you to ask yourself, is there really nothing that you can do to bring about peace? Perhaps in the sense of the Middle East conflict, there is nothing. However, the world isn’t peaceful outside the Middle East. You can make an effort to make the world better – including, but not exclusively, through prayer.

Humans do have the power to change the world. I am afraid I cannot accept fatalism that the problems of the world are God’s will. We do have the power to change.

Prayer between you and your God is your business. When it comes to mankind, though, asking for people to pray – and ignoring why people do not – does seem a bit ironic, as we are talking about a conflict which is at least partially over religious differences. An atheist doesn’t equal a cynic, and I’m afraid divisiveness is against the spirit of what you’re posting.

Hmmm…isn’t that particular part of the world already a rather prayer-intensive place?

Or maybe God gets sick and tired of hearing all the complaints, and everytime he hears a prayer, he makes things worse. Fortunately, there are enough people who don’t pray that things haven’t gone completely to hell. Thank God for atheists! At least we’re not actively pissing God off.

Seriously, the problem with “visualize world peace” type thinking is that it isn’t really doing anything. (Or at least, as far as I know it isn’t, and sentiments like those expressed above make it essentially impossible to ever test if it’s really doing anything.) If the people doing the visualizing or praying or whatever really can’t do anything to directly affect the situation (whatever the situation may be), then I suppose it’s harmless and may help ease their personal stress and keep them from going completely mad. I would only ask that the people who are psychologically helped by such things not claim to be morally superior to those who aren’t.

The danger would be if people who can do something about a situation eschew more direct (and effective) action in favor of prayer or visualization alone. And I would point out that many of this board’s posters are citizens of a superpower, with the right and power to vote, write their congressmen, join civic groups, organize civic groups, lobby, and so forth. Many of our other posters are citizens of other industrialized democracies, countries with considerable economic resources and diplomatic clout, and those posters have comparable political rights and powers where they live.

It’s not that I’m witnessing-I too believe prayer is personal.

I guess I’m just saying, I’m frightened. And I don’t know WHAT to do.

I think some of us like to pray because it makes us feel better, in some ways. In situations where you can’t do anything, and you feel you have to do SOMETHING.

I don’t know.


I still want to put a curse on Bin Laden, however. Nothing huge, just say, may his socks always slip down past his ankles. May the bottoms of his feet always itch when he’s wearing shoes and doesn’t have a chance to take them off and scratch. May his underwear always slip down off of his hips and ride up the crack of his ass at the same time. May he always have that feeling that he has to sneeze, but never does.