Let's ruin the endings to some books!

Per my hobby of annoying people just short of getting whacked, I suggest that people post the books they are reading here and let others tell how the endings go. I’ll start.

The Holy Bible.

Okay, just kidding.

Finity, by John Barnes

A hush fell over the courtroom, killing six.

Everybody dies except the butler, who did it.

A committee is a lifeform with six or more legs and no brain.


I wasn’t serious.

I don’t know about books, but I can certainly forecast the ending of this pathetic thread.


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I am currently reading Jhereg and just finished Dragon, both by Steven Brust…and they both the the exact same way…with an About the Author page! Talk about lack of originality.

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Mine ended with:
Zoning Consultants
See also city & towan planners

Plainfield, Village of
Planning & Zoning…815 439-2824

Kind of a let down, really.

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The Second World War - the Allies win.

Hamlet - everybody dies.

Green Eggs and Ham - he eats them and likes them.

A Christmas Carol - Scrooge reforms.

There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not a man.

Lolita grows old and ugly.

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Studi, do you ever post anything besides telling people that they aren’t funny and how pathetic their threads are? Granted, I don’t usually step out of MPSIMS, GQ, or BBQ pit–But I haven’t seen you post anything else.

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The Grapes of Wrath–the Joads just go on living in the migrant workers’ camp. In other words, nothing happens.
Invisible Man–Just another dull day in New York for the Narrator.
A Streetcar Named Desire–Stanley yells “Stella!”
The Wizard of Oz–Dorothy goes home again.

Always wanted to do this since Catholic school.

Now ruining endings to the Holy Bible.

Old Testament- Some guy named Malachi says that God is coming.

New Testament- Some guy says God is coming with a lot of special effects.

(extra ruin, at no extra charge)

Go Dog Go- Boy dog digs girl dog’s hat and they both ride off into sunset.

…send lawyers, guns, and money…

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Michael Crichton’s “Airframe”: they crashed because the pilot let his son fly the plane!

Man, that feels good. What a waste of forestry that book was.

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