Let's solve the hijacking problem...

Here’s my idea, please present the problems with it and then solutions to those problems:
Mount a “one shot” stun gun to the back of each seat. The gun would be unuseable in the mount, and would be locked in by an electromagnetic lock. If one lock is forced, they all open. The locks could be unlocked by a password entry from the cockpit, the steward station, or by satellite (similar to GM’s Onstar system that unlocks Cadillacs for geezers who lost their keys).
Assuming the ratio of passengers to hijackers is at least ten to one, the hijackers wouldn’t stand much chance.
I presume that if there is not already a system in place to alert traffic controllers a plane has been commandeered, there soon will be. Seems a system that would require a coded response by the pilot every 15 minutes would work. Special code could be used to show plane has been taken over. No response would mean the same thing. Satellite unlocks the stun guns. Door to cockpit could have similar lock.
Costly? Yes, but not compared to bailing out the airline/travel industry.
Pilots dead? Well, you’re screwed anyway, go down fighting.
Accidental unlocking? No death should result.
OK folks, lets refine this idea…

I’m sorry, maybe I’m just in a mood, but this is just too stupid for words. And too stupid for this forum.