Lets Start a 'Complain About your Warning/Moderation' Subforum

It would make things easier for the mods and provide a place for some entertaining reading for those looking to kill a little time. :cool:

We already have one, it’s between Starbucks and the bowling alley, just down the hall a bit.

Next to the Sour Grapes Bar and Tea Lounge?

The only forum where all the threads start out closed.

There’s currently 3 active threads in ATMB. You think it would be easier for the mods to split off the 2 moderation complaint threads into their own little forum? Your thread would be all alone in here.

No, because by creating a separate dedicated sub-forum for this, it would be overtly and actively encouraging people to post their modding complaints, so there would be threads there by the dozens. The would give the mods all the jobs security they could hope for. So what are they waiting for?

Maybe we could have like buttons and upvotes in that Forum! And avatars! And dancing gifs! And porn!

To be paid, so that their job security is more than a guarantee of thankless service and being the target of raging internet pseudo-angst?

Seriously, under the current conditions, I wouldn’t take their job at gunpoint.

The Dancing banana and pRon…heaven…,http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/funny/2/big-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon.gif

In the future, please don’t use that job word. The mods have been conditioned to believe serving the [del]raging[/del] teeming millions is a privilege, and that “word” might get them thinking otherwise.

Maybe we could each have our own subforum to complain in.

I’ve already got one. It’s very nice.

I wouldnt like the moderation in mine :mad:

Which means nothing would be any different.

The more things change the more they stay the same…only with more mod notes.

We could call it “Controversial encounters between forum-enforcement and civilians”

Beats “Stupid Moderator Idea of the Day.”

Yeah, I’ve got a post all ready for it. :dubious:

Can I come over and have a look?


Now, go away, or I will be forced to taunt you.**

  • Non!

** a 2nd time