Lets Talk About ACORN

I can’t recall hearing about them until recently and visited Wikipedia to learn more.

To start off, allegations of fraud and their impact on the election are a non issue for me. That is I don’t believe they are relevant. But the following has me wondering.

  1. Who pays for the registration effort? Who funds ACORN? If the funds come from the public purse, and ACORN is philosophically aligned with the Democrats , and registrants can be presumed to lean Democrat, wouldn’t that be unfair ?

  2. How can an organization sue to overturn a minimum wage law in California to benefit themselves then turn around and push for living wage laws in 15 cities ?

  3. Now ACORNS role in predatory lending and affordable housing is somewhat confusing. Here’s what Wikipedia reports

Is it for or against loan counseling? I lean towards “for”, but the following appears to be a contradiction.

Now hasn’t that been the problem . That is low down payment mortgages and insufficient income verification ?


First off there are two entities. ACORN and the ACORN Institute. Only the ACORN Institute is a not-for-profit entity so they cannot lobby or support candidates due to their 501©(3) status but as such can receive tax deductible donations. ACORN can lobby and cannot receive tax deductible donations (although you could still donate to them). Which arm is doing what I have no idea.

ACORN receives federal money through the Affordable Housing Trust fund. I would be shocked if they were allowed to use that for GOTV purposes but I honestly do not know. The Obama campaign gave $800,000 to an arm of ACORN called Citizens Services Inc. These are the guys (presumably) doing the GOTV effort. I would very much doubt the federal government pays them anything.

Such divisions in an organization’s efforts is very common so nothing particularly weird there.

I have no idea of the particulars of this. I would say that, in general, when you see something like this that seems counter to what the organization presumably wants they fought against it because of other reasons (insufficient hike, strings attached, etc.).

Wanting people to get mortgage counseling and pushing for easier to get loans do not run counter to each other. They want people to have access to loans they may not otherwise get and they want those same people to be crystal clear on what they are getting in to and be informed. Looks fine to me.

ACORN gets money from a number of different sources. Their members pay dues, and they get money from a number of different foundations and so forth. At least, they used to.
And you are not the first person call for an end to federal funding for ACORN, although not because they are a left-wing group.

I guess you would have to ask one of them to explain the discrepancy. Sometimes people think the importance eof their own work puts them above considerations that would apply to others. But their approach to ethics, as to how they handle money, sometimes suffers from an excessively flexible standard.

Sure, back during the housing boom they were pushing for people with bad credit to be given mortgages. Now that this approach has gone sour, it is back to blaming the greedy capitalists and blah blah.

They are a left-wing pressure group, and delusional as such often are.


I’ve re-read the OP several times now, and I still can’t find the part where he called for an end to federal funding for ACORN. Cite please?

Sort of middle of the road. The OP does not want federal funding of an institution that engages in partisan behavior.

I do not know but I’d bet the federal funding is specifically NOT allowed to be used for GOTV efforts. I’d be shocked if it was. ACORN almost certainly runs its GOTV programs from other funding sources.

I was going to cut and paste it, but on reflection, this isn’t a real request for a cite. You are trying to change the subject away from ACORN’s defalcations.

So we can invoke Shodan’s Law - if they didn’t read it the first time, they won’t read it the second either.

As well as another - if they don’t respond to an argument, it’s because they can’t.


There’s currently an active multi-page thread on the subject the OP claims not to have heard about until recently.

Bullshit. You’re interpreting Dutchman’s first point as saying that ACORN shouldn’t be federally funded, and he’s not. Quite frankly, I think it could be taken either way, but he’s clearly asking for information about their financial activities; whether he thinks that something’s definitely fishy and should be changed is arguable.

To settle a minor point.

I understand that ACORN workers get people to register, and must submit every application regardless of merit and these workers get a stipend for every application. No problem. But if that money is federally funded then I would say its wrong because its quite obviously a one sided political advantage.

So far no one seems to be sure if the GOTV is federally funded.

There is no sentence anywhere in the OP that says anything of the sort, Whack-a-Mole. He questions whether or not a hypothetical situation would be unfair, but he never says what you say he said.

Shodan, unlike some people, I am unable to read what isn’t there. Dutchman never calls for an end to federal funding for ACORN in his OP.

So are you calling for an end to their federal funding?

Or, in the case of the hypothetical being actual, would you call for a cessation of partisan activities paid for with federal funds?

As long as Acorn registers voters without federal funds that would be great. I would call for an end to federal funding if that was the case. I believe in being fair.I’m not calling for an end to federal funding of their other social initiatives at this point.

According to the ACORN website they don’t actually get any direct federal funding, but do have contracts with organizations that do. However none of those contracts are for voter registration drives.

Seems alright to me.

Also I believe they do not pay per filled application: