Let's talk about Political Correctness on American college campuses

I’m an old fart who would be escorted off any decent college campus but I hear - mostly through Conservative news outlets but not exclusively - that college campuses are no longer a bastion of free thought.

As I understand it, one can be shouted down or worse if they happen to espouse even the hint of something undesirable; that professors, administration and even other students risk being chased from the campus with virtual pitchforks.

I must admit some of the things that cause “triggers” in the hivemind have made me roll my eyes. I don’t have a dim view of Millennials and in fact I think they are justified in feeling cynical, inheriting a world of climate change and dim career prospects unless they happened to be born into wealth.

But even I seeing some of the battles that they choose to fight on college campuses shake my head.

But thing is, I am relying on the corporate media to tell me what’s going on and I am not so sure i trust them.

So what is going on? Have our college campuses become so concerned with correcting bad speech that the freedom to speak is being abridged? Or is it overblown nonsense from people screaming about those kids and their music too, like every other generation has done.

Is this a problem or is it bullshit? Do I have to worry about the next generation in this regard?

It’s a problem because hysterical little pussies who freak the fuck out when they see a Halloween costume they don’t like are no use to anyone.

J. F. Sergeant has a great article on this over at Cracked:

The most salient points, at least in my eyes, are both how bullshit a lot of these stories are and how little we seem to care about these stories until it’s about how awful those damn kids are. Seriously - who even knew about the Mizzou story until the media started complaining about how they weren’t being given front-row seats?

I couldn’t tell what was going on in that video other than some girl was screaming about something.

Basically, it all started when the the wife of the guy getting screamed at (she’s a professor at Yale and he’s some kind of house master, I think) sent a polite e-mail saying it wasn’t Yale’s job to police the costumes students chose to wear for Halloween. A bunch of students kicked up a big stink about it because they really wanted certain “culturally appropriative” Halloween costumes (like Indian head-dresses for example) banned on campus. The house master held an outdoors Q&A about it which gradually got more and more heated, until the girl in the video had a screaming shit-fit.

The complete video is about half an hour long and it must be said that the house master kept his cool admirably throughout and was nothing but polite and respectful all the way though. For all the good it did him he might as well have turned up dressed as Hitler and burned a Koran.

I certainly think that there are many possible Halloween costumes that would not be appropriate anywhere, but unless someone actually wore such a costume and was protected by the administration, then that’s a whole lot of upset about nothing. Those protestors were upset about costumes that someone might have worn, but didn’t?

Note this quote from Seinfeld:

As I watch my kids go thru college, it’s obvious Political Correctness has gone completely off the rails. As I said in this post, they’re no longer trying to right wrongs, they’re merely filling their own need for villains. There are few “real” problems for students to deal with, so they’re manufacturing new ones to occupy themselves. Microaggressions? Trigger warnings? Safe spaces? You’ve got to be kidding me.

A lot of parents have been working hard at raising children. And they’ve been very successful. But we raised adults. And as adults, they’re able to manage without wailing for their mommies when confronted with something disagreeable.

To the OP; Yes, the PC idiocy has gone from ridiculous to batshit insane (at least as I’ve watched it via my 20-something youngsters). And I think it’ll be fun to watch the little campus McCarthyites encounter the real world in a few years.

I told my daughter she would still have to be polite to them during encounters after college.
Her: “Where will I see them after graduation?”
Me: “When they push the cart in to clean your office.”

That’s exactly it, IMO. The weird thing, however, isn’t that kids are rebelling. Kids always do that, and, as you say, if they can’t find good targets they’ll make their own. That’s not what’s surprising about all this. What’s surprising is that the adults are letting them get away with it.

Take the video I linked to earlier, with that shrieking half-child effing and blinding about how “YALE IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL SPACE! IT’S A HOOOOME!” It’s total nonsense. Why aren’t the adults fighting back against this kind of thing? Why aren’t they saying “It’s not a home. You already have a home. You left it to come here. This is a University, and if you ever want to have any hope of ever being of any use to anyone you’ll stop trying to make Yale your own personal ‘safe space’ and spend this time learning. Learning about things which might upset you, learning how to deal with things which might upset you, and learning how to debate things which might upset you. Oh, and you’ll learn some manners while you’re at it. Now go to your room and do your homework.”

Granted, that may be a little blunt, but the longer these brats go without getting any pushback from their authority figures the more damaged and useless they’ll be when they graduate.

I always wonder what the breakdown of majors looks like. I don’t remember any of us science majors (in any science) having the time to go and scream about such things. There was lab work to do.

That Cracked article is something y’all should really read. It’s exactly on-point. The twittering over Political Correctness Gone Amok is nothing more than a rear-guard action, a way to trivialize and diminish real concerns by finding the most outre examples of protestors with foolish actions and pretending they represent everything, or even an important thing, about the protests. It’s embarrassing that anyone would fall for such.

There’s a good reason to pick on outré examples. What’s outré today could be normal tomorrow unless it’s stopped in its tracks. And with every example that surfaces, this militancy becomes more normalised. There are so many countless hundreds of examples of deranged students kicking off about nothing that if I were to start listing them today I wouldn’t finish until the New Year. This stuff is getting more and more common. It was unheard of when I was at University and that was hardly ten years ago.

Granted, my perspective is coloured by the fact that I’m from England and the problem is definitely worse in the UK so I’ve probably seen way more examples of this phenomenon than you have, but the notion that these protestors (even if they only represent the lunatic fringe which, increasingly, they don’t) aren’t having a chilling effect on free speech is one which grows more ridiculous every day.

If you analyze the situation, you will find that lefty professors will not indulge in reasoned debate-they are all about censorship and shouting down in opposition. Most of them are morally bankrupt, and charlatans as well (take “professor” Ward Churchill). They rely upon passivity (science and engineering professors are too busy teaching and doing research).

Yale grad students tried to start a union in the mid 2000s, but it was voted down, most likely because they’d pissed off the scientists by that point.
It fizzled, but I see they’ve been at it again for the last year or two.

Political Correctness has turned into total Bull***t. You can’t say this or that because you might offend someone. Well I’m sorry but the real world can be a not so nice place sometimes and you have to learn to deal with it, even if everybody doesn’t want to bow down to you and give you your way. Its just disgusting that in a free country a whole group of people have to withhold their views because they might hurt one individuals feelings.

Every single sentence here is wrong. There’s a reason Ward Churchill became famous: he’s exactly the sort of far-out-of-the-mainstream-of-leftism that the right loves to hold up as a false example of what all leftists think. It’s astonishing how convincing folks find Breitbart’s transparently slanderous propaganda.

Of course you can say this or that. You just have to deal with the consequences of offending someone.

Indeed you do. I’m sorry to tell you.

I see that Cornell University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion is warning against (but not banning) the use of mistletoe in holiday celebrations. :dubious:

Ohio State’s comparable Office supposedly has weighed in against displays that use the colors red and green, but I cannot confirm that, because someone apparently got embarrassed and took the guidelines down.

As a nonbeliever who celebrates the Solstice/Xmas this seems a bit silly.

I’m dubious too. Got a link so we can see it in context? Because if the warning is, “Be careful, some folks don’t welcome kisses from strangers, and other schmucks will use it as an excuse to creep on people,” that’s a fine thing to say.

It’s considered NOT Consistent with Either University Assembly Guidelines or the University’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness.