Let's talk about the great and awesome Linda Ronstadt

I first saw Linda in October '67, she and the Stone Poneys opened for The Doors. Had never heard of her and didn’t give her another thought until around 1983 when a friend turned me on to her. My favorite female vocalist by far, ever since. Too many favorite songs to list here but my absolute favorite is oddly one of her least typical recordings: “Winter Light.” Go figure.

Trivia: around 1980 a close friend of mine was sitting in the audience at McCabe’s (Santa Monica) waiting for David Lindley to perform. Before the concert started, my friend was surprised (to say the least) when Linda herself sat down in the seat next to him. Perhaps not too surprising as David had been in her touring band, and he and Linda were 3rd or 4th cousins besides. He was blown away but had the good taste to keep his cool by simply turning toward her and acknowledging her with a pleasant hello. Had he been me I would have been a slobbering “I’m your biggest fan” dipshit.

Thanks, and for the video links! Yes, I’ve heard most of the originals from Heart Like a Wheel (including Hank Williams’ and Buddy Holly’s). And I’m sure I heard James Carr’s “Dark End of the Street” — maybe in a film?

She has a form of Parkinson’s though not the most recognized. All of Parkinson’s destroy vocal control.

Here’s a song that connected with me relatively late in my Linda-worship. Written by Jimmy Webb and appearing on her 1982 album “Get Closer.”

Agreed. IMO very underrated. Possibly my favorite Linda Ronstadt song.

I’d never really listened to any of her stuff before I saw that show. Now I’m a firm fan.

It makes me sad to talk about her. I love her voice and her music. She said in the doc., “The Sound of My Voice”, “acceptance” was what she advised people in circumstances like hers. She looks so sad when she says it.

She had range, power, and tone that were outstanding. I remember an interview after she finished Pirates of Penzance and was getting ready for a rock tour, where she said she needed to work on getting her range back down to rock. I was so envious. Not many singers even professionals have that sort flexibility or those options. I wish I could have seen her in concert.

Yeah, the movie is good. It made me cry, but I was expecting that. It seems her voice deconstructed bit by bit over a span of time and she was painfully aware of each step. That is just so wrong.

I had a poster of her in my room when I was a teenager. Definitely a celebrity crush for me.

Moves me every time I hear it:

One of my favorites, and the first song I ever really noticed of hers.