Let's talk air fryers please

sounds like you need to find the sweetspot of thickness of your chicken-chunks (and evtl adjusting temp) …

the (relatively) lower the temp. the better the center will be cooked before the outside parts get overdone … IIWY, bring the temp down some 10-20°C (20-40F ?) and add 2-5 min of time … and then hit it with the highest temp setting for the last 1-3 minutes

also play around with letting the chunks sit in the AF for a couple of min. after the AF turned off (heat still migrating towards the center)

that’s the best I can come up a couple of 1000 miles away

add on thought: google tells me you need a min. of 165F … so if you cook your chicken at that temp. long enough it should be SAFE (i.e. not undercoocked) … and then you hit it with high temperature to get it to crisp on the outside.

Air Fryer has arrived and the test run is complete.

My first meal…frozen taquitos. Terrible but that’s what I have at the moment. I’ll try salmon and asparagus next but that will take a trip to the market.

When I do salmon and asparagus, the salmon goes on the grill and the asparagus in the air fryer until there’s light charring. Mmmmmmm.

salmon skin side down in the AF (on aluminio-foil b/c lots of drippings - no flipping!) … careful … is done in no time … about 5 min or so …

I make salmon and asparagus all the time. Previously I pan fried the salmon and grilled (or steamed if the weather was bad) the asparagus. I’ll try both in the air fryer tomorrow.

So far I am loving the machine. I made frozen taquitos for lunch and just made frozen waffle cut fries. I’ll also try to make my own fries and potato chips from a fresh potato tomorrow.

So many things to try. I can’t wait.

I found the recipe on an air fryer recipe site, but found out too late that you are correct, and they should have been cooked in a covered dish. They didn’t come out looking like the picture and were kind of dry.

First attempt at French fries from scratch

Looks good. I like to use different potatoes each time. The farm market near me had their redskin potatoes the other day and they made fantastic chips and fries.

I bought a fancy mandoline just for the occasion. I will try waffle fries next and then chips (or crisps as they say elsewhere).

When I use our mandolin (I rarely do), I always wear a glove on my hand. I use a heat resistant grilling glove, but they make gloves that are specifically cut resistant.

I’ve found 10 minutes to be the magic number for my air fryer. No matter what the package instructions say, almost everything is ready in 10 minutes.

Lately I’ve been trying to re-create the yuca fries we get from a place near me. I can cut and boil and fry the yuca just fine, but I can’t manage to get the seasoning they do into them. I’ve wet brined, dry brined, I’ve coated them basically in pure salt and somehow they still come out quite bland, it’s baffling. I suppose I could just go to that place and ask them how they do it.

I have a Ninja Speedi that I picked up a year or so ago. I had trouble getting a pan that I could use to reheat tater tots, until I remembered my old gas grill. It had a rack to hold an aluminum foil pan for catching fat drippings and keeping them off the patio. I did have to visit a barbecue store to find them, but they work a treat.

Made this in the oven last night and it turned out fantastic. The marinade became sort of like a soft crust and the chicken was moist and tender. My gf was impressed.

Yes, better in the oven, too dried out in the air fryer.