Let's talk Gearhead

http://gearhead.roguelikedevelopment.org/ is looking to be a really neat game. I just installed the graphics package (I can’t stand complex ascii schemes), and I’m pondering my character’s build. It seems as if it’s necessary to specialize in a very small number of skills to be really effective, so I’m planning on making a cyberdoc with an eye towards specializing in mecha piloting. If I make her Pragmatic and max out her Cybertech skill, I should be able to fit her with cybernetic implants that’ll make up for the lack of balance, and if I invest enough points in Robotics I should be able to build sentient robots to protect me in combat when I’m forced out of my mech.

Has anyone else had experience in GH? I know most of the game is randomly generated, but I’d still appreciate spoiler warnings if anything plot-related comes up. ^^