Lets Talk Race

How do people feel about Diversity and how it plays a role in America/culture?

Diversity is good and has played an enormous role in American history and culture. Anything more specific?

I would like to get opinions on diversity in America…?

It’s the cultural equivalent of what the free market is to the economy. Different cultures exist alongside each other and society can choose the best aspects from each. The resulting multiculture is more alive with ideas than any singular culture could be.

How do you feel about it, mustudent?

What’s the debate?

Diversity good. Exclusivity bad.

I think it’s delicious! :smiley:

I’m not being completely frivolous here. People talk and bond over shared food – how it’s made, when, special reasons, memories. If world peace ever comes to pass, I think it will be because we’re too busy cooking and sharing our own “ethnic” specialties with each other, to kill each other. I’ve learned more about how people from other cultures live and think about food through potlucks than through any history or sociology course. Tastier, too.

I can’t imagine living someplace that’s all one race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, whatever. It would be boring.

This wouldn’t happen to be a homework assignment, would it?

I am of the opinion that race is a thing that exists.

My opinion is that the US is pretty diverse.

Some people feel good about it. Some don’t.

Glad I could contribute.

Genetic diversity is awesome.

I disagree. It is a social construct, but not in itself a thing that exists.

Seems to me that the crime rate is directly correlated to the diversity of a city. That is probably not a coincidence, so I’m going to assume that “diversity” contributes somehow to the incidence of crime. Saying that does not necessarily mean that diverse groups carry a criminality withthem. It could be a causality of diversity contributing to poverty or a demographic that is otherwise marginalized, leading then to criminality. Nevertheless, it appears that factors generated by diversity tend to lead to criminality.

If that is the case, it would be hard to argue that raising diversity has had a positive social effect, or promises to have one in the future…

I expect that both the crime rate and diversity tend increase with city-size - as an economy grows, so does immigration, wealth inequalities and the black market, so it’s presumably not as straightforward as you suggest. But I’m not in the mood for sociological discussion, or homework.

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Given the OP’s username and obvious essay question, I’m gonna say :
I do an 11.3 sec forty-yard-dash. What do I win?

If I disagree with you, I am against diversity. If I agree with you, and an discouraging diversity of opinion. Does not compute. Head asplode.

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