Let's talk Tuna

Chunk White, Chunk Light, Solid White, or Solid Light?

For me: Chunk White packed in water.

Yellow fin, fresh, seared on the outside, still pink in the middle, warm through

I hope the Dallas Cowboys are improved this year.


In particular, hamachi (yellowtail tuna) or toro (fatty tuna belly).

Wow, I’m a chunk white packed in water too. I thought I was the only one. I still like to go through it and take out anything that doesn’t look pristine. A can of tuna is such a good way to get a lot of protein for few calories. I love it.

For canned, solid in water. No odd bits in there that you can’t identify. Grilled fresh tuna is hard to beat.

agreed, it’s a sacrelige to cook tuna, ruins a perfectly good cut of fish

One of my favorite restaurants makes a most delightful sushi-grade tuna, the outer 1/8 of an inch is white due to a brief kiss from the grill, drizzled with creme fraiche. Melts like butter on your tongue.

As far as canned goes, since “solid white” and “chunk white” tuna comes from larger, ergo older, fish, it has higher levels of mercury. So I’ve switched back to the “light” tuna of my lower-middle-class youth, which, IMHO, tastes pretty much just as good and has a mooshier texture that is better for tuna salad anyway. Some diced celery, minced onion, sweet relish, mayo, and fresh ground pepper, and we’re rolling.

Dang. I thought you meant Greater Tuna.

A Kosher, parve enjoyable meal for Mrs. Plant the New England Jewish Person, to be mixed with mayonnaise.

A cheap, quick food for poor Southerners the taste of which should be disguised with pickles, onion, apples, even pecans for Yours Truly.


Give it to us rrraaw, and wwrrriggling!

Solid white in water. I chase every spoon with a big gulp of diet coke.

Sammich tuna: Chicken of the Sea, light chunk packed in water. Drain and add a T. of Hellmans mayo, two dashes celery seed, and eat on whole wheat with a leaf of lettuce.

Non-sushi tuna: Inch-thick steaks, brushed with sesame oil, seared on the grill until the insides start to flake

Sushi tuna: Yellowtail sashimi. How much? Limited only by the contents of my wallet.


On my girlfriend’s 30th birthday, a few weeks ago, I decided to finally go out and buy some sushi-grade ahi (yellow fin). I found it at Stern & Isaacson’s for $13.50 a pound, but decided to go to Dirk’s, where it was $20/lb (S&I’s had closed by that time.) I’ve never spent that much money on flesh of any kind. We bought 3 steaks for $40 total.

Anyhow, I knew I was going to sear it on a grill for about 30-45 seconds a side, but I was still debating whether to marinate it. I’m against marinating good meat, usually. A little olive oil, a little salt, and perhaps a little pepper is my mantra. Why ruin the taste of good meat? However, Alton Brown (via my brother) had swayed me, and I just had to try his soy-wasabi marinated tuna steaks with a crusting of sesame seeds on the edge.

Oh. My. God. It was absolutely heavenly. Easily the best fish I had ever eaten. Next time, I’ll try it sans marinade, but I have to admit that I was very happy with the taste. I just wish ahi wasn’t $13-$20/lb.

I used to buy chunk white in water, but about a year and a half ago I decided to eat better in whatever little ways I could so now I buy chunk light in water. I buy a lot of canned tuna – that and New England clam chowder are the only types of seafood that I like. :slight_smile:

Hey pulykamell,
Ever been to Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights? Great tuna. Here’s some great pics from another message board.

For canned, I like Starkist White Albacore in water.

I used to eat Chunk White or Albacore, then I read they have higher levels of mercury and since I used to eat a lot of tuna I went back to Chunk Light, which supposedly has less. It’s fine for tuna salad which is how I usually eat it.