"Let's Write a Best Seller" Pt2 Fantasy

I loved the story stick idea in the other Best Seller thread, but I don’t really like detective novels. I do however LOVE fantasy novels.
*Remember folks, magic, trolls, and people with funny names.

*and no re-hashed crappy plotlines from old D&D games!

The night was cold as Surfa Tamgail sat in the forrest glen. She’d known this place since her childhood, but it had never seemed so wicked since the Tyrfings had come to power. The trees which once held the most beautiful and dilectable of fruits now only held dried husks. They wistled in the dark putrid air, as the wind howled through their cold, dead, branches. Her long silver hair shone in the half moonlight as the wind blew it with the persistence of a flag in a gale. Her home was a half mile away but it was no use going there, the Tyrfing horde had ransacked it hours ago, she was lucky to escape with her life and her bow. She stood, it would be a long night and her food had to be caught. For the trip to Flimming would take days, especially without a horse…

Ok, guys take it over. I’ll notify chapter marks and cancel dysfunctional posts. Along with adding to the storuy, have fun, be witty, and write well!

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