Letter of Interest on current letterhead?

When applying for a job and one’s employer doesn’t know that one is applying for any job, is or ain’t it appropriate to send the letter of interest on the company’s/entity’s letterhead? The letterhead names who’s on the entity’s board, if that matters.

Also, what exactly is the diff between a letter of interest and a letter of introduction anymore, anyway?

It is never appropriate to use your current employer’s letterhead to do any personal business. This definitely includes applying for a job at another company. I am, frankly, astonished that one might be possessed of any other notion.

Letters of interest are written by oneself; letters of introduction are written by third parties, if one is an ambassador, and not at all otherwise.

It’s not appropriate to send a letter of interest for a future job on your current company letterhead.

That’s what I suspected but the person I’m asking for was in doubt. Maybe the (strong) viewpoints of two objective strangers will count for something. Thanks.

I’m also having a hard time understanding how anyone could think this was a good idea. What possible reason would you have in using your current company’s stationary?

You should not use company letterhead unless you are speaking on behalf of the company.

It’s also a good idea not to use “ain’t” in the letter.

Don’t use your company email account either. Some things are just tacky.

It should take less than five minutes to create your own personal letterhead using Word on a rented computer at The-Establishment-Formerly-Known-As-Kinko’s. Otherwise, you are almost certainly going to alienate both your nearly former employer, and you’re showing poor judgment to any potential future employer.

I’m curious what your friend wants accomplish by using the letterhead. If he wants to document his employment he should send his resume. If he wants to look professional, creating his own letterhead or using good paper and professional business letter format will do that.