Letter to a Hero

I didn’t write this, one of my fellow OR nurses and stellar wingmen here in Afghanistan did.

“Dear Fallen Soldier,
We were never officially introduced, but I met you in my OR. We did our best to try to help you make it home. We operated for 4 hours and expected you to be on a flight out of theater later that night. I fully expected you to wake up in Germany.
I wasn’t ready to hear that you coded in the ICU and didn’t make it. I only know your name, and the injuries you sustained, but you still made an impression. I’m sure on more than one occassion you put yourself in harm’s way. You knew the consequences and the risks but still chose a path that so few have the courage to take and for that I thank you. Rest in peace my brother in arms.”

What she said.

Next week it will have been two years since I lost my youngest cousin, a Marine, to an IED in Afghanistan. Thank you for posting this.