Letter to Congressman Mike Burgess

Congressman Burgess,

Your letter is fantastic, IT IS AMAZING. I do not have an opinion of the substance of your letter, but I LOVE your typographical style. NOTHING says PROFESSIONALISM like writing in all CAPS and ITALICIZING and UNDERLINING . If the words were just in caps, I might have thought you were yelling. If the words were just italicized, I might have thought they were book titles. If the words were just underlined, I might have thought you had a typewriter that did NOT have italics; however, by combing ALL THREE, I knew that for sure that you were a prick.

May I remind you that your style of prose, IT IS BEYOND PERFECT. RUN, to Longman, DON’T WALK*, and demand to write for the fifth edition of The Elements of Style.

With kind regards,
The Cleveland Steamer

*only yelling here

Gotta say, the OP’s username aptly describes his posting style.

You missed that it was in bold.

I’m gonna be nice here, and hope that the actual subject of the letter is either untrue, or you aren’t (dishonestly) arguing for its contents.

Is the stuff about Jennings true?

Dunno. I read the letter and the WT editorial that accompanied it as an attachment, but it was very short on actual reportage. Not sure where to look up the underlying facts of the case.

This was hashed about in GD not to long ago: Target Keven Jennings

It’s a little bittle bullshit rolled up into a big ball of “won’t someone think of the children!?!?”

The short version, from what I can tell, is some time back when Jennings was a high school guidance counselor, a gay student came to him with some story about meeing an adult male (the student hadn’t had sex with the adult), and Jennings gave him a “make sure to wear a condom” speech.

That and he once had something nice to say about someone (can’t remember the name) who had something nice to say about NAMBLA.

Thanks, Jack.


Huhuhuh, you said “IMPORTANT”.

There appear to be additional allegations now, allegations not discussed in the earlier thread. Specifically, there are tapre recordings of some teen sex conference at which someone allegedly told a group of 14-year-olds how to safely fist their partners and discussed the etiquette of spitting vs. swallowing.

However, there’s no allegation (so far as I’m aware) that Jennings was the one giving those sessions. He is excoriated for them merely because he was the Executive Director of the parent organization that sponsored the conference. So even assuming that the tapes are accurate, we have no way of knowing if this was a too-enthusiastic seminar leader, or an officially-sanctioned part of the day’s festivities. The connection seems very much guilt-by-association: Jennings ws the executive director of the national organization, the national organization affiliated with local organizations, one such local organization put on an event, and one presenter at that event delievered questionable material to a teen audience. Therefore, Jennings delivered quesitonable material to a teen audience. The transitive property of liability.

Needless to say, I don’t place any more stock in this latest revelation than I did in the earlier one.

Maybe he secretly holds a desire to have his arms amputated and replaced with DORRANCE #5X STAINLESS STEEL HOOKS.

Here’s an article on the (now ten year old) controversy.

Jennings not only didn’t give the seminar, the actual seminar wasn’t even given by his group. GLSEN sponsored the workshop, but they had several DOEd employees actually run it. So yea, he’s linked by several degrees of separation to an overly explicit sex-ed class that happened a decade ago, in other words, he’s pretty much a child-rapist.

From your cite:

This is obviously the type of thing that some gay sex sicko would say. Won’t someone think of the gay children?

This post is about a congressman. Michael Burgess, needing an editor on-his-staff, because this is written by an illiterate.

You guys would freak to see political fund raising letters. No paragraph longer than one sentence. Lots of italics. Lots of bold. Usually Courier font.

Here’s a little more information. Please consider the source when you see how sensationally it is being reported (Fistgate:rolleyes:). However it sure makes for interesting reading. Check some of the other articles in this “scandal” and you’ll see that he is either Chester the Molester or else has been associating with some people with questionable thought processes.

“Palling around with pederasts?” :rolleyes:

He works in Washington, doesn’t he? He probably hasn’t seen anyone with normal processes in years.

Coming next year to ABC, right after “Dancing with the Stars”! Starring Gary Glitter, Roman Polanski, Jeffery Jones and Cardinal Bernard Law!


DAMN YOU TO ARCHIMEDES PLUTONIUM for making me remember THAT berk.