letter to the bitch that flipped me the bird

And it was her fault, too…

I was driving the company van on the way to the warehouse, which is a big white van, with great big blue and green lettering on it, so it’s pretty hard to miss.

The traffic coming from the opposing direction was stopped for the traffic light, but someone had kindly left enough room for someone to make a left turn out of the gas station. So just as I am getting to where this person has left a hole, doing maybe 30-35mph at this point, some chick in a little grey sports car pulls out of the gas station, making a left turn, yakking on her cell phone, and not even looking where she was driving.

I hit the brakes and swerved. If I hadn’t swerved, just hit the brakes, I would have hit her car, and caused maybe a 4 car pileup behind me, not to mention ramming her into the nice person who had saved room for someone to pull out.

That pissed me off, but what really made me mad was that she had the nerve to flip me off! Okay, so it’s been a while since I took driver’s ed, but IIRC, turning left into a lane of moving traffic is NOT the right of way.

grrr. I hate inconsiderate drivers!!!

What the hell happened to common courtesy while driving?

(feeling a little better after ranting, but not grinnin’ yet)

Don’t you just wish that there was a magic button in your vehicle that you could push that would turn her cell phone into a big giant hand that would just slap her for being so silly?

The button is under the passenger seat and to the left.

Are you grinning yet?

I’ve found when confronted with obnoxious drivers who exhibit lewd gestures, the best response is to lift your hand to your face, thumb touching the end of your nose, fingers straight up and waggling … accompanied with a hearty oral bi-labial fricative (a raspberry).

I am absolutely serious.

She’ll get hers…don’t worry about it. One of these days she’s gonna pull out in front of someone who’s not as careful as you are and that will be the end of it.

If everybody wrote a rant about every stupid driver they encounter the internet would be full. I’d imagine that most people encounter so many that they could hardly remember any single incident about which to rant at the end of the day. So I have to ask, do you usually not see other drivers on the road, or are you just exceptionally touchy?

Hey, I resemble that remark!

As the poster of a pit thread regarding a bad driver, I have to defend myself and anyone else who does it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the OP, but I’m pretty laid back about most things. It just happens that bad, careless, thoughtless or just plain stupid driving gets on my nerves.

You don’t have to rant about the bad drivers you encounter, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t. Live and let complain, that’s my motto.

I find that the slow, severe, “what a moron” headshake tends to really p*ss people off more than flipping them off.

I like to smile brightly and give a cheery wave.

I had a similarly annoying thing happen. I was entering onto an access road. I had the right of way and the person on the access road had a yield sign, which she ran (of course). I pointed at the sign, trying to say, “Look, you idiot, you have a yield sign!!!” She actually followed me into a parking lot and, when I was inside a store, left a nasty note on my windshield saying how rude I was and that people like me should have my fingers broken for pointing at people. Nice. Little old lady, too. Thank goodness she didn’t actually confront me in person. I would have been very uncomfortable cursing at someone old enough to be my grandmother.

Speaking of little old ladies on the road, one flipped my boyfriend the bird the other day. I don’t even remember what the circumstances were…it was just so not what you’d expect from any white-haired old lady! We pulled into the Blockbuster parking lost and laughed for ten minutes straight.

And I decided that when I’m a little old lady, I’m going to be vulgar and flip people the bird as often as I can! :smiley:

I was stopped at a stop sign, waiting for a hole in traffic so I could turn left. The ass behind me decided he couldn’t wait, swerved around me and pulled through a hole I thought was unsafe.

When I took my turn, I ended up slightly behind him on his right - both of us stopped at the same traffic signal.

He’s looking around for me - aware that he did an asshole thing and looking for my reaction. When we made eye-contact, I blew him a kiss. He spun back forward and tried, unsucessfully, to look non-chalant. I guess he didn’t feel attractive that day.

I’m going to use the phrase “oral bi-labial fricative” as often as possible.

For example, I’m going use it on some of the people who attempt to ram their cars into mine each evening.

You stupid fucking oral bi-labial fricative! Watch where you’re going!

I have to say, I don’t think I am exceptionally touchy. What really pissed me off about the situation is that, had there been an accident, it would have been her fault, and she probably would have been pretty badly injured, lots of damage to her car and so forth. Driving a big honkin’ van, an accident probably would have made something work better. And yet, she had the nerve to flip me off. That’s what made me mad.

However, I am over it now. Best thing about being me is I can’t hold onto a bad mood for long…

I’ve always just wanted to have one of those security guard badges in a wallet to pull out and flash them with, then point to the side of the road. By the time they pull over and stop, I’m long gone!