Letterman, New Year's Eve, 1988 or so--my Google-fu is weak!

Does anyone remember this? I can’t find anything about it via Google; maybe someone else can help.

David Letterman did, IIRC, a New Year’s Eve special one year. This would have been New Year’s at the end of probably 1988, but it could have been a year or two in either direction. I don’t know if it was his regular show, or some kind of special, but I’m pretty sure it was done with a live audience in a big auditorium.

The only detail I remember clearly is that, at the end of the show, a white horse came out on stage, and Dave got on it. With the cameras following, he rode the horse off the stage, out of the theater, into the parking lot, and off into the night, out of sight. It was a really cool ending to the show.

But I’m Googling and I can’t find anything; does anyone remember this, or know anything about it? Did I just imagine the whole thing?

This was actually one of his anniversary specials…I’m thinking 7th Anniversary (of his NBC show) in 1989, taped in LA in a large venue that escapes me at the moment.

Shroud’s answer sounds about right, it was an anniversary special, thought they also re-ran it at the end of his very last show for NBC (spring of '93). Dave riding off into the sunset (for NBC anyway)…

I found a reference that says it was from his 8th anniversary show on NBC.

Yep, it was the 8th. Here’s it on Youtube. Long clip, but it also has one of the funniest bits they ever did at the end, the fake spanish soap opera Dr. Suarez!

That’s it! Thanks, all!

Funny; I could have sworn I remembered watching that on New Year’s Eve 1988 at my friend Monty’s apartment in Kansas City, but the link says it aired 2/1/90, and I’d left KC by then.

And yes, that “Dr. Suarez” bit was great.

He was so fun back then. It’s too much work for him to even leave his desk now.

I also love this clip with Dave at Taco Bell from 1996.

Dave visits Taco Bell