Lewdly Sing Woohoo

Sumer is finally Ycumen in and I never got around to planning anything for the summer solstice. I always have a Yule party, but I never seem to get anything going for summer. Is anyone celebrating the longest day? If it sounds like fun, I can try it next year.

Ummmm - I had a beer?

(well, I also watched some Channel 5 drivel ‘recreating’ Stonehenge)
You’ve still got time to join in the favourite Englsh pastime - complaining about the weather. Last week was too cold, today was far too hot. Your task is to identify that elusive balance, while still letting us get to Ikea.

Oo, do they include the part when Stickhenge and Strawhenge are destroyed by the wolf? Bitchng about the weather’s no good. I guess the weather would have to be perfect today. It just figures. I can, however, complain about the beer (I have a sixpack of Planck Road’s Finest).

I usually try to celebrate these little holidays, usually with some celebration involving a campfire and cheap whiskey in coffee cups. I probably should have started sooner, but the day just sort of snuck up on me.