Liam Speaks!

I don’t know if many of you are familiar with the problems my son Liam has had. He’s just turned four years old and so far hasn’t uttered a single intelligible word. It’s been a real struggle for the past few years wondering what’s going to become of him. His school has gone as far as to begin teaching him ASL in an attempt to get him to communicate.

But …

This evening one of his therapists was working with him at dinnertime, saying “All Done?” and making the hand gestures for it, and you could hear him quite clearly say “Awww Uhhnn” along with her. It’s not quite complete, but the vowel sounds and the “copying” behavior are definately there.

I almost started crying right then and there.

Euthychus, I had no idea about your son’s problems, but I teared up reading your message! What a wonderful, hopeful thing for you all! I have a friend who’s son has a severe speech problem and I know that it presents many, many challenges both for the child and the family and the school, as they try to find a way to help this extremely bright and wonderful boy to communicate with the world. I hope his progress continues in leaps and bounds. Hugs to you all!

Congratulations Liam and Euty!

I hope this is a good sign for what’s to come!

{{{{{{{{Euty and Liam}}}}}}}}
Thanks for sharing your son’s great milestone with us, Eutychus. My wishes are with you and Liam in his further verbal adventures. I hope you keep teaching him ASL as well, he would be one of the lucky few to be able to experience both hearing and deaf culture.
He’s a lucky kid to have a father like you.


I’m so pleased to hear it! Good for Liam (one of my favorite names, btw); and may he soon be talking your ear off!

Woo hoo!!! ::Odieman does the happy dance for Euty and Liam:: Great news!!!

Aw, hon, that’s so awesome :slight_smile:

Euty, I didn’t know until I read your story at Teemings. I cried my eyes out when I did. I have three young’uns myself. I’m so happy for you guys!

I read about your sons in Teemings, I think. Or your webpage. Doesn’t matter. I can only imagine the challenges you and your sons face every day, and I truly admire how you handle it.

Keep up the good work, Liam.

Aww, shucks… I cried too Demo. If you’re man enough to admit it, so’m I. :wink:

Woohoo! They never knew if Greg would talk, either, but now I can’t shut him up! <g> Hug Liam for me. :slight_smile:

Whoo Euty man! I had the apparently common reaction to your post. That’s great, my best wishes to all of y’all. If you’re not already aware of it, you might want to check out Thomas Sowell’s book Late Talking Children.

Yaayyyy! Euty, I’m so happy for you and Liam! Thank you for sharing that with us; it’s so wonderful to hear good news from you!

Here’s a big hug for you {{{{{Euty}}}}} and {{{{Liam}}}} and a <smooch!> for you for good measure.

Does he use any ASL?

that’s wonderful!! What a great story! I’m all goose-bumpy thinking about it! :smiley:


Yay Euty and Liam! Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for sharing with all of us!!

And I thank the good Lord, Patrick.

You are an amazingly wonderful father, a terrific person, and a sweetheart to boot.

Congratulations! May your Liam start talking until you wish he would just shut up, already!



So cute!

I remember worrying about my little sister Anna’s development. She didn’t talk for a long time, she didn’t learn to roll over until long after she could walk, she was content wherever she was to simply be. (Her first word was “deja vu”…she’s an odd, odd little thing)

Good to hear Liam’s verbal! Hugs and bounces of celebration!


I first read the title as “Iam Speaks!”