li·bel Pronunciation Key (lbl)

A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person’s reputation.
The act of presenting such material to the public.
The written claims presented by a plaintiff in an action at admiralty law or to an ecclesiastical court.

Does nobody listen? Everybody jumped on me for accusing Fenris or whoever the hell it was I accused. Then the moderator doesn’t even read my post carefully. I shut down my computer? I got reported to my ISP? Didn’t you read? I said it was a friends site. And if you geniuses had read the date, you would see that this is an old post! And the very bright spooje, tells me I don’t know what liable means. Yeah, we were talking about libel, not liable.

He falsely attributed a quote to me. That is a false publication. Now whether or not it damages my reputation is up in the air, but I don’t see why you all went anal on me, when he is the one who changed my quote. Whatever…



It was a misguided thread, it got shut down. Complaints go in the pit.

  1. No libellous statements were made.

  2. You would be hard-pressed to claim you had a reputation to damage.

  3. Humour and satire are generally regarded as potential defences anyway.

  4. There’s no question here.

Apologies. I misread the search page and thought this was in GQ. Ignore point (4) above.

I already moved the other, identical thread to the Pit, so this one’s closed.