Liberals, Neo-consevatives, Epistomologists

Liberals objectify what they perceive as good in the world and marginalize those who don’t share their epiphanies.
Neoconservatives objectify what they perceive as evil in the world and want to kill those who would challenge their revelations.
Epistemologists want them both to just “shut the fuck up”! 

Is there a debate here, William?

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I’ll argue with his eccentric definition of epistemology, if that will help. Epistemology is the philosophical study of how we know things. I don’t see any connection with that and telling political ideologues to shut up.

What does this thread have in common with Militant Islam?

They’re both being moved to IMHO?

Fox News?

One might argue that people who really study the foundations of knowledge would be impatient with political ideology, which is often heavily a priori.

But they wouldn’t say, STFU. They’d say, “And how do you know this, precisely, hm?”

True. Ideologies are often a substitute for thinking - an individual simply agrees with the consensus of his chosen group rather than form his own opinions.

But telling people to shut up is closing yourself off from their ideas. Which is pretty much the opposite of epistemology.

New here… thank you!

New here… thank you!