Liberation of POW's by US

Recently I read the book “Leave No Man Behind” by David C Isby which describes various SOF missions US undertook from 1945 to 2004. In that books author points out the first POW released by US froces by a liberation mission since 1945 is Jessica Lynch !! Prior to that, the last successful mission was Los Banos Phillipines 1945.

Considering the numbr of conflicts US get entangled this fact seems ridiculously crazy…surely with all its military might US must ve rescued some POW’s through covert missions…!

Holywood made hunderds of movies about somethings that never happened since 1945? Although movies are not a reliable source of information , I thought atleast US must be having some sorta effective liberation mechnism which is exaggerated by movie makers.

1 person in 60 years…this has dented my trust in US forces considerably… :frowning: If you guys have any knowledge of any covert missions sucessful in this period lets discuss…

Maybe it’s a technicality - the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts weren’t declared wars so perhaps the military people being held captive during them didn’t get officially listed as POW’s.

This is including the Korean and Vietnam…biggest vietnam liberation mission SongTay resulted in US troops capturing an empty camp…

It tends to be better military strategy to kill as many of the enemy as possible than to try and rescue POWs.

Neither were the invasions or Afghanistan or Iraq. The US has not fought a declared war since WWII.

Does Scott O’ Grady count?

Several factors for why Lynch was a first.

In all your wars since WW2 you’ve been the most powerful force and have typically been winning. You just havent had that many POWs, even Vietnam only saw a figure in the hundreds.

Many of your potential POWs have been aviators and your air force has a very good track record of rescuing downed pilots before they are captured by the enemy.

In a guerilla war, and just look at the fate of hostages in Iraq, it can be impossible to know where a prisoner is. The Song Tay liberation of an empty camp has already been mentioned. And in a conventional war where you may have to strike well behind enemy lines you may be risking more lives then you are saving.

Lynch was an orchestrated stage-event. She was rescuable because she was in an undefended hospital and the enemy had left.

Nope. He was never captured.