Libertarian is a snotty creep and a jerk

I’m not proud that I’m hooked on Survivor, but I’m also not a hypocritical snob about it either. I just enjoy it. I’m old enough not to have to prove anything - if you think I shouldn’t enjoy it, too bad.

The point of it the whole program is - who will win? Obviously I don’t want to be told.

In a recent Pit thread, here if you really must[sub] Libertarian[/sub] said that he had recently had a thread closed by Czarcasm and provided a link. Since he had said this:

I assumed he meant what he said and went to the site, since I am always interested in watching other people have a fight. Who isn’t?

What I found was that early on in the thread, because people did not respond to his OP in the spirit he wanted, he was annoyed and then posted something to the effect oh well I might as well leave the spoiler anyway, and named the Survivor winner according to “Jesus”. That is he SPOILED the outcome of the show. Passed on information he knew would mar the pleasure of others. Deliberately. And after he specifically said he wouldn’t.

Like the computer virus maker, he set out to create discord or misery in the lives of complete strangers.

Successfully, too. My enjoyment is now clouded, and I never did a thing to hurt [sub]Libertarian[/sub]. Just an Innocent Bystander, so far…

I can say to myself, Well, he might not have been serious, he could be wrong, the interview might be a fiction, anything like that. But the gloss has gone, and my comparatively innocent fun has been SPOILED.

I know, someone will say more fool me for caring. But folks, somewhere we are all vulnerable to the spoilers.

It’s the bully knocking over the sandcastle, the kids uprooting the flowers, the boys throwing stones at the disabled kid, the malicious whispering aimed at the plump girl who doesn’t fit in, the bullying and slapping behind the teacher’s back, the kids in the car stopped and insulted by the police for being an unpopular colour, the stepchild given the smallest portion, and please 'boss, don’t get pretentious, stop there.

Your crime [sub]Libertarian[/sub] - you told me you wouldn’t and then you did.

You’re a snotty, nose-dripping, ash-faced dweeb.

You’re the maggots in the rotting body of a mongrel dog under the floorboards of a condemned shack in the worst part of the slums of the poorest most corrupt nation on earth (Name withheld out of consideration to the administrators).

You’re the brown and red stain on a discarded band-aid floating in a month-old urine sample in the splitting plastic bags full of body parts in the filthy alley outside the clap doctor’s backdoor.

You’re the diseased scabs hidden behind the pancake makeup and the layers of cheap perfume between the scrawny thighs of the oldest whore in the cheapest brothel in your mother’s home town.

You’re the inside of a dreadlock.

You’re a christian too, I understand. Good Lord.

Well, don’t let me hold you up. There must be dogs out there to be kicked, babies to be pinched, and old ladies to be pushed into the traffic.

Piss off you creep!

You know, I almost started a pit thread about this when he did it. As was said in the linked thread, the stick up that man’s ass must have a stick up it’s ass. The more I read of his shit, the more I see that he just basically is an ass. As such, I’ve begun ignoring whatever he has to say.

Well, don’t worry too much, because his “spoiler” was wrong. Although I agree posting even alleged spoilers is crappy. Why rain on anyone’s parade?

I don’t understand. Jesus told Libertarian who would on survivor?

The aliens who abducted me said that Colby wins.

Stay tuned for my imminent attack on Scylla.



I think your criticism is valid. I committed a childish act, which I regret. I had assumed by then that no one interested in Survivor was reading the thread anyway. There was nothing there but jokes about Jesus Christ. I should have stopped to think that some might come in who had not participated in the hijack.

Fortunately, as it turns out, Jesus was wrong. He had said Colby would be ousted last night, but Elisabeth was.

(By the way, the Jesus referenced in the thread is reportedly a disgruntled union writer who holds a general grudge against reality TV because he says it hires nonunion writers. He calls himself Jesus. I dunno, maybe “'cause he likes the name…”)

BTW, I didn’t close the thread. It seems that Lib forgot that there are two moderators.

No, I didn’t forget, but I don’t know TVEblen at all. I don’t even know if we’ve ever posted in the same thread. You are the one whom I know and trust. Still do.

So between the two of us you attacked me because you knew me better?!? I can see why you make it a habit to attack logic in the various threads-it’s a completely foreign concept to you.

You could teach psychologists a thing or two, Czar. They’re still trying to figure out how to analyze emotional experience using logic. Heck, if logic had anything to do with it, I would have stayed out of IMHO altogether.

For me, it was kinda like this. I go into a bar I don’t visit often that is managed by my good friend John and his friend, Paul, whom I’ve heard of, but never met. As I walk in, I make a remark that I have put some thought into, a remark that hurts no ones feelings, a greeting. When the people in the bar look up at me, I explain to them why I’m there, and hope to interact with them, just as they interact with each other. In the spirit of friendship, I choose a topic I know some of them particularly enjoy.

To my surprise, they are drunker than I’d ever imagined. In short order, I feel like Piggy in Lord of the Rings. “Get the hell outta here!”, they bellow. “Fuck you and your mother!” one screams. They all laugh at me and start pushing me out the door.

As I run for my life, I see John, whom I know very well, standing by the door with his arms folded, pretending not to see me. I’m pretty sure Paul is there, too, but I wouldn’t know Paul if I saw him. But I know John very well. Either manager — or even a stranger — could help me, I suppose.

But I know John.

That was a good story, Lib, except for the substituting “Rings” for “Flies” bit, and before you tell another one, I need to know why you didn’t call the barkeeps George and Ringo.


IKE, thanks for the clarification – I am in the process of reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time since I was about twelve and frankly I don’t remember much about the book. So I read LIB’s post thinking “Huh. I don’t remember a ‘Piggy.’ Does he come in later?”

Sometimes its hard to be one of the Easily Confused.


I thought it was a New Testament bar.

I was waiting for Jesus to come in and break up the brawl.

Oh, good grief. Lord of the Rings??? Now that’s worth a hardy laugh all 'round! :smiley:

Tell me you meant hearty!


No, Lib was quite correct: You’ve never heard of offering someone a <drummroll> laurel, and hardy handshake? <rimshot>

[sub]By the Code of the Punster, I am obligated to admit that I swiped this from “Blazing Saddles” shamelessly.[/sub]

Fuck! Redboss concocts this great Pit flame, with all sorts of wonderful invectives, like “You’re the inside of a dreadlock,” and that useless fuckwad Libertarian has to fuck the whole thing up by apologizing! Apologizing, in the PIT, for the love of fuck! How dare, you, Lib, how fuckin’ ** dare ** you show this kind of maturity around here! Who the fuck do you think you are? Your sick brand of honesty and humility is exactly what is wrong with this fucking country. You make me want to fucking puke.
(Sorry 'bout the monotonous use of the f-word there, but things are a bit backed up here, and I thought I’d clear out the inventory.)

hey Buster! [sub]ya gotta be[/sub] Keaton wid that! you’re out in the [sub]w.c.[/sub]Fields on that one, Mae[sub]be out[/sub] West .

Does anyone understand Libertarian’s response to me, and if so, could they please translate?

I dunno Czar, I’m trying to remember a character named “Piggy” in Lord of the Rings. Maybe one of Saruman’s orcs?