lidocaine gel for bikini wax

Has anyone used that lidocaine gel, I saw it in Amazon for sale, prior to a bikini wax? Does it work? I want to know before I spend 40 bucks . Thanks

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Never used it on external skin but it’s a God send for those of us who get severe sore throats.
It numbs really well on mucus membranes.

Have you been waxed before, or is this the first? If it’s the first, it’s really not all that bad, if you have a good waxer. Make sure you trim, don’t go too close to your period (skin is more sensitive) and go, it’s really hit that big a deal.

Now, your upper lip, that *always *hurts.

I don’t know about waxing, but I’ve used it before laser hair removal and it makes no difference. I think because the gel only numbs the very surface of the skin, not the hair follicles.

I use this one. It only takes a little, and I think it really makes a difference.

There are two OTC skin numbing agents available. I don’t perform waxing, (except on myself;)) but I do many vulvar, vaginal, and cervical procedures, including biopsies of things you likely don’t want to think about. Gels can be better on mucous membranes (think Orajel, which is 20% benzocaine, or any of the lido or benzo containing hemorrhoid helps). I prefer Hurricaine OINTMENT left on whole skin for 5-10 minutes prior to injections or just stabbing an abscess. EMLA cream requires a prescription, and is also effective. The numbness lasts for 30 minutes or more, usually, and an ointment can also be applied after the waxing, though IMO ice is best. One of my daughters is an aesthetician and says sugar waxing is far less painful, especially if near menses or pregnant. I just reopened an abscess today using Hurricaine gel first, and the patient did not feel the injection (my goal;)). Just for giggles, the Hurricaine I use is a dental product. It comes in two flavors, Spearmint and Wild Cherry. Think about it, and guess which one gets used on the hoohah.

Band-Aid brand “First Aid Wash” (and others) contain lidocaine in alcohol/water base - it may penetrate follicles better than a gel.
Or not.

I am given to understand that iocane powder - which is odorless and tasteless (unlike my jokes, which are tasteless but stink) - does a great job of eternal numbing. Unless you have spent a lifetime building up an immunity…

“eternal numbing”

A wonderful concept - thank you forever!