Lies you've overheard strangers tell

So I’m at the airport right now, flying out of Oakland down to San Diego for the holidays.

The guy in the seat right next to me was talking on his cel (easy to hear, since he has to talk loud over the PA), and he’s telling his business partners he’s stuck in Denver right now, and that’s why he can’t meet them tomorrow. :dubious:

So, without intending to eavesdrop, what falsehoods have you been witness to by total strangers recently?

I’m guessing the Prime Minister doesn’t count?

No, but if you’ve heard him tell the truth in the past 60 days, alert the press!

I hear people lying about where there are all the time on the subway. “Oh, I’m at X Station! I’ll be there soon!” when in reality X Station is several stops away.

I’ve also overheard drunk men wandering the street calling their wives and telling them they’ve just left the office.

I overheard someone on the bus telling his companion, with great authority, that golf stood for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

Doesn’t sound like deliberate deception so much as he was simply misinformed.

How in the post-Tiger-Woods-scandal world can anyone think that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a poker dealer, so lies was all part of it. :slight_smile: The most memorable? “I’m on my way to pick up payroll.”

He was there for several hours, spending payroll, I can only assume.

Seriously. If he said the sky was blue I’d ask Sheila Fraser for her opinion.

I recall a teacher when I was a kid telling some students that Evel Knievel was named that because he was evil. Out of fear we’d all run out and try to jump cars on bikes or something, perhaps.

A security guard at work told me yesterday that once the health care legislation passed, if you didn’t have health insurance, you’d be arrested and imprisoned. Seriously.

So I don’t know if this counts, because he didn’t think he was lying. He was passing along some other nutcase’s lie.

One evening my family and I were waiting for a table at the local Red Robin, and we watched a small boy who was playing with all of the video game machines.

He went up to the crane game and started begging his mom to let him play it—there were all kinds of neat stuffed animals inside.

She glared at him and immediately pointed at the hand-lettered sign that read “Crane game two dollars” and said “See, the sign says OUT…OF…ORDER”, tapping each word for emphasis as she spoke.

We had to struggle to restrain our laughter at her brazen lie.

I was sitting in the break room with a co-worker who was on the phone with her mortgage company, telling them she was unemployed.