Life can be a dream...but have you ever dreamed a life?

When you dream, do you ever have your dream lasts for days, weeks, months or even years? Do you ever return to a particular dream to continue where you left off?
Last night, from about 1 am until about 2:30 am, I dreamed that I applied for and got a job working for a museum. I remember training for a couple of weeks, going off on one adventure involving a secret ocean below our ocean’s floor, becoming involved with my immediate supervisor, then going off on another adventure involving a strange cross-shaped grave. When I finally woke up I was shocked that only an hour and a half had passed.
In the past I have had extended dreams about raising a family in the Florida Everglades(never been there), and another about building a house with a central spiral staircase leading to a balconied library on the second floor.

So tell me about your extended dreamscapes, if you please.

That’s awesome!

I occasionally dream “a life” in the sense that the premise of the dream includes a detailed existence that has nothing to do with the real me. For example, in one dream I lived in the distant future. All but a few isolated tribes had left earth hundreds of years earlier and allowed nature to take over. I was a botanist who had temporarily returned in order to conduct research; I stayed in contact with people in a space station overhead who were able to keep an eye on me and make sure I was safe and well supplied.

I lived in a small cabin in the jungles of Papua, on the outskirts of a town of friendly locals from one of the tribes that stayed. I’d learned their language and worked with an assistant I’d hired, a bright young man, from their community. One day while I was processing some plants in the small lab I maintained in my cabin, he excitedly came in to say he’d found a stranger lying injured in a ravine a short walk away. The plot of the dream went on from there. (Cue romance novel!)

What amused me about the dream when I awoke was that it had zero connection to my waking reality - no shred of who I am, my personal history, or who I know was in the dream. Talk about immersing yourself in escapism!

I recently got my first tattoo, to celebrate turning 60. It’s a Marine Corps tattoo, on my right arm.

Around the same time I started having regular dreams that I’m back in the Marines. Regular, repeated dreams. And I retired back in 1993. I don’t know if there’s any correlation with my new tattoo, but there it is.

Not sure if it counts -

It is or at least was possible to buy a lifetime pass to Federal parks [yellowstone, places like that] that would allow you a free week in a camping site [typical small camping RV trailer type site]

In my dream, for some reason I am living in a moderately nice sprinter based camping RV, the kind one can rent from various companies. I have a small dog [think schiipperke, not a little yappy neurotic sort like a Pomeranian or Toy Poodle] that travels with me. Every Sunday I check out of one park, drive to a Super Walmart sort of huge grocery, buy a couple bags of charcoal for my hibachi, refill my propane tanks, get whatever groceries I will need. I hit a laundromat and do my laundry then drive to the next park down the coast of California and check in for the next week. I get to my lot, unpack/set everything up and the week sort of fast forwards to the next weekend when I pack things up, check out and do it all over again.

I am sure the dream means I want to escape something. I had a space of about 3 years [mainly during the heaviest part of the whole Cancer deal] where I would have the dream about once a week. The parks changed, and once it was actually Yellowstone, once my lot was at the base of Half Dome, and once I was parked at Burrow Gap. [the parks all seem to be places I have been to at least once, and want to go back to some day.]

Numerous times I’ve woken up and then fell right back to sleep and continued my dream.

The odd dreams I have are dreams that don’t include me. It’s like I’m watching a movie about someone that I don’t know.

Hey, that happens to me too. I liken it to having a book on the bookshelf in my room - I know the story that’s in the book, it’s right there, but it doesn’t involve me.

I have never dreamed of a life, but I have had multiple dreams about a house.

It’s a huge house. I bought it cheap because it’s old and very much in need of repair. It has a fancy set of main stairs and a set of servant’s stairs in the back. There is a second kitchen (for servants) in the back on the second floor.

The main stairs bear some resemblance to the main stairs in an old house that belonged to a friend of my father’s. I went into this house a few times growing up. That house also had servant’s stairs, though not the same layout as my dream house.

Everything else in this dream house seems to be a product of my imagination. The weird thing is how consistent everything is in the house. It doesn’t change from dream to dream, even over many years.

Some day I might make a 3d model of it in Blender just for giggles.

Less frequently, I have had dreams of a different house. In my dreams, this is a small house that I lived in while I went to college, but the house bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to any of the houses that I lived in at that time. The weird thing about this house is that it has a secret passage that goes back to two unused rooms.

I have had plenty of dreams where I am someone else or I am myself but I have a different life, but they are always one-offs and never repeat. Sometimes those dreams will have time jumps (i.e. I know a couple of weeks have just passed but I don’t experience those couple of weeks in the dream) and sometimes they have complete reality shifts where it turns into a completely different dream.

One of my favorite real-life stories I’ve read on Reddit was that of a college student who was assaulted by another student, suffered a head injury, and during his half-hour of unconsciousness dreamt a full 10 years of life, including getting married and having two kids. He only woke up because he noticed one of the lamps in his living room “just wasn’t right” and that finally tipped him off that his whole reality wasn’t real. He grieved terribly for years for the loss of his wife and kids after waking up, though.

I very regularly have dreams that see to last for extended periods of time.

The most common sort of thing will be that a part of a dream will involve a commute, and I will have a very clear idea of having made that commute countless times, with an awareness of how things have changed over the course of months/years. But I’m not sure I can recall any instances where - say - I aged from being a child to an adult during a dream. Perhaps my dreams are more along the line of my dream character has a VERY lucid memory.

I dream of an alternate world pretty much every night, where the general details are more or less consistent. On the surface it isn’t too different than the waking one, but things are often subtly (or not so subtly) different, such as one last night which mimicked a stretch of road in my former part of town, but instead of the flat topography it has, the dream gave it tons of elevation changes.

It usually is dark twilight, and often I get a strong numinous vibe from it all. Content usually isn’t too weird, tho it has its moments (such as a full fledged golf course inside a hotel). A common motif is parking my car somewhere then forgetting where Ieft it and/or discovering it is lost.

I haven\t had the Florida Family dream for a long time. I miss going out into the Everglades on the swamp boat with my two young sons, one older daughter and my wife.

My life is a nightmare. Does this count?

Since there is no way to prove that you are actually awake……Why not?

I have a few places I revisit again and again. One, a nightmare, begins with me arriving at an old house, to buy or rent or just visiting, and it always end with me going through a lot of rooms with old furniture and spiderwebs. I know that somewhere there is something terrible, and that’s when I wake up.
Then there is the empty amusement park where I’m taking my daughter, who in the dream is about five years. She is 47 in real life. We go round and try the rides.
Then I have these post apocalypse dreams where I live in a cave or sometimes a mobile home in a sort of a commune and work together with the others in the fields and fishing.
There are other places, but I haven’t visited them recently, so I can’t describe them well.

This happened to me back in high school. To give a little background, sometimes when I had dreams, I would begin to question if I was dreaming, and I would test out my theory by thinking through my recent course events: when’s the last time I ate? When did I last go to bed? Are there any funny gaps in my memory where suddenly I wound up in a new place?

In this dream, my classmate was a vampire, and she lunged at my neck, but the lunge happened in slow motion. And I thought “Slow motion. This must be a dream.” But then I thought through what I had eaten for dinner, when I had gone to bed, what I did last Sunday, etc., and there were absolutely no memory gaps or odd jumps in time. And then I thought, “Yeah, but she’s in slow motion. It has to be a dream.” And it was, but the dream accounted for several weeks worth of time.