Life imitating the Onion (Joe the Plumber related)

Check out this Onion article from 1993. They thought they were being farcical, but they were being prophetic. They even got the state right.

Why is the copyright notice at the bottom of the page for 2008?

They probably posted the page this year. However, this is from Our Dumb Century, which is at least seven years old or so. Definitely ahead of its time.

Automatic server insertion. We do this on the sites I run, too, irreregardless of the age of the page.

It’s a challenging time to be a satirist, for sure, not that I wouldn’t take the job if someone asked. Things descend into absurdity fast.

I think The Onion also trumped the razor companies with its “Fuck it, we’re going to five [razor] blades” story. Although SNL did something similar many years earlier.