Life of Pi Question *Spoilers*

Just finished this book and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

I realise the story with the animals wasn’t literally true but the only thing I could think of when he was on the carnivourus island was…would it be possible to have an object that size floating around undiscovered in the 1970’s? He states its 9 miles in circumference, surely it would show up on satellite?

Also (me and my literal mind again, I know the author intended for it to be at least plausible) I believe I have proof the story with the animals wasn’t true.

When Pi reaches the island he moors his lifeboat to the shore by driving an oar in through the algae/vegetation and tying a rope to it. However the very first night when the island turned acidic it would have burned through the oar and rope and the boat would have drifted free…no?

Good, and thought-provoking, book though!

Regarding the island being hidden - I don’t think it was hidden so much that no one was looking for it. And if it did show up on satelite I guess whoever saw it would assume it was a small island and ignore it. I have the idea that there are loads of small islands in the oceans that no one really gives a crap about.

Regarding the boat/oar - I had the same thought, although its possible the boat was tucked into a little covy area and not prone to drifting.

As to weather you’re supposed to prove or disprove the existence of the animals - I suppose that’s a rather personal thing. The book is a religious alegory so it’s a bit like proving or disproving the existence of a god - you could have an interesting discussion but probably wouldn’t really ‘prove’ anything.

Not necessarily.

Would there be satellites targeting one of the empty parts of the Pacific? I really don’t know. I guess it’s unlikely the island had never been seen before, but I think it makes sense if no one had investigated and found what it was.

You know Life of Pi is not The Usual Suspects, right? :wink:

You have to remember that surveillance satellite capability in the 1970s was still pretty primitive. We weren’t doing film reel drops anymore, but the amount of coverage was very limited, and the imagery resolution was limited by both the non-adaptive optics of the day and the ability to record and transmit images in analog format. It is entirely possible that a small floating island could be missed or not even seen.

You should realize that the novel is actually a metaphor (although a little confused, in my opinion). I picked it up at an airport bookstore as a more palatable alternative to the Robert Ludlum-esque thrillers that are even more contrived than a typical episode of24.