Life-Span For South Africans

I know that the average life-span for South Africans is in the mid-forties. But what is it for non-AIDS victims especially whites? Because I’m guessing that white South Africans like white Americans usually are wealthier and have better health then blacks.

it’s old stats, but from here

Regarding the role of AIDS on life expectancy, check this article from the African Journal of Health Studies.

Do you mean South Africans as in citizens of the Republic of South Africa, or inhabitants of southern Africa in general? Countries such as Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique and especially Swaziland have been propping up the life expectancy table for some time now, but it appears South Africa’s figures have got significantly worse since the figures Captain Amazing posted.

This article says:

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And another site, (which doesn’t seem to be working so here’s the Google cache), places the UN Human Development Index, “which merges income per capita, life expectancy and literacy to give a sense of a country’s quality of life” for white South Africans in 24th rank, between Spain and Hong Kong, while their black compatriots are at number 123, between Cape Verde and Congo.