Life without TV

I haven’t watched TV in years. I simply got tired of corporate and government-driven TV and I have absolutely no problem filling my time or being entertained. I run a private animal sanctuary, garden, read, play on the computer, experiment with new recipes, etc. I really don’t care if other people watch TV, I simply chose not to.

The only time I have a problem is when I am at social events and people start talking about celebrities (like I care) or TV shows. Then I have to admit that I have no idea about who or what they are talking about. When I share that I do not watch TV, I get these looks like I have a horn growing out of my head or something. Surely I am not the only person on the planet who isn’t glued to the TV set! Somebody tell me that I am not the only one!

Cool story bro.

You are not the only one but generally non-TV watchers are second only to ex-smokers in the sanctimonious Olympics. I’m sure you aren’t but that could explain the looks.

I had dinner two nights ago with 2 coworkers, and neither of them own a TV, despite having families. Neither one of them was remotely sanctimonious about it, however…but I agree that many are.

you aren’t the only one.

The classic article on this.

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Too bad it’s not “Life without the Internet”

This is what can make non-TV watchers come off sanctimoniously. There is something between not watching TV and being glued to the TV. That’s where most of are.

My favorite part about watching movies on TV is the constant eating hand-to-mouth I can do while I mindlessly watch the movie… mindlessly eating… NOM NOM NOM. My favorite is popcorn. Freshly-made, generously buttered popcorn, with LOTS of salt. NOM NOM NOM. Or cool ranch Doritos with salsa. NOM NOM NOM. I love eating. Wait, what were we talking about here?

Most also recognize - even, on occasion, use - hyperbole, too.

thank you for supporting this insult in its waning days

That’s not the only thing that’s obsolescent. :wink:

I’m currently stuck without most TV; all I can get is what Dish runs free (wife stopped paying the bill to punish me.) The silence is what gets to me the most. I find I actually miss the commercials even, since the house is even more empty since my cat died. Living alone without TV sucks.

I rarely watch TV, but I still know who celebrities are and have a general idea of what shows are on TV through the internet, advertisements*, other people talking, etc. Nobody has ever acted like I’m a huge weirdo for not watching TV, probably because I don’t act like I’m super special for not having a TV. If I don’t know what they’re talking about I just ask, it’s no big deal.

*I live in New York City and there are advertisements for shows everywhere. I know this is not the norm, so maybe it would be easier to not know what’s on TV if I lived somewhere else.

The Mad Hermit, can you play the radio or stream something online so there’s less silence?

Hey I don’t care if others watch TV or not. I was just wondering if I was just that much of an oddity. I never go around telling folks I don’t watch TV. Its just when folks are discussing this famous celebrity or a particular show that I look like an idiot.

Dear lord - another douchebag letting everyone know how much better they are than everyone else because they don’t indulge in the common mans idiocy.

Do you really think this hasn’t been done hundreds of times?

Why would you look like an idiot? Can’t you just ask who they’re talking about? Are your friends mean enough to make fun of you?

You may unintentionally be coming off as critical of those who watch TV. In your OP you put “like I care” in parentheses after stating that people like to talk about celebrities. Perhaps you’re making it very obvious that you don’t care and that’s what people are reacting to.

The Superbowl this year brought with it an epiphany:

When I was younger, I was proud of my ignorance of sports, celebrity gossip, reality television, and the like. I let others know about my ignorance in a preening fashion.

But now I’m pushing forty, I’m realizing that there’s no area of life* where ignorance is a good thing. I might be ignorant of things because I’ve not devoted time to learning about them, but I shouldn’t flaunt my ignorance; rather, I should, when the occasion arises, seek to redress it.

  • Okay smartasses ready to contradict me with appalling examples, very few areas of life.

Psh, not to watch TV is so blasé.

I’m so cool, I don’t even use the internet. I dictate all my instructions to a secretary who makes my posts for me.