Yesterday I drove my 82-yr-old great-aunt, Mary Lou, to my cousin’s funeral in Columbus. He died at age 48 and I’ve been feeling very drab about this.

My Dad very kindly wrote very explicit directions for us to follow.

Except that he included the phrase “if available.”

“Take I670 to SR315 if available, and then north on Ackerman.”

What were we to do if SR315 wasn’t available? Loop around Columbus indefinitely?
And just how does the highway go about changing its availability on a whim? Was construction expected?
Might heavy traffic prevent us from merging?
Or was SR315 somehow prone to coy flirtation, announcing and then withdrawing permission with a wink and tease?

Just as Mary Lou and I were trying to make sense of this, a snowstorm blew in and the visibility went down to nil. Seriously. Nil.

I thought - isn’t this a great analogy for Life:
Driving towards death, can’t see where I’m going, and the directions don’t make sense.

Especially since Ackerman runs east/west.

:smiley: Well that clarifies a few things.

IS there some kind of issue with 315?

Perhaps the snowstorm was somewhat expected and that would make the road unavailable? Or your Dad thought you needed a laugh. I’d go with option A, though.

Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

But that reminds me of the signs that say “ROAD CLOSED. SEEK ALTERNATE ROUTE.”

No, fartcube, why don’t you PROPOSE an alternate route?

Perhaps he meant you should take that route if ***you ***were available.

You always need that clause to cover yourself if there’s a 6 semi and one firetruck pileup on the exit ramp.

No issue with 670 to 315 that I know of.